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Full Stack Developer
Ref No.: 17-00673
Location: Dellaware, Pennsylvania
Job Description – Full Stack Developer Full stack development consultant with broad development/design knowledge, excellent intrapersonal skills, strong problem solving ability, and solid analytical mindset. HTML5 Experience 1) HTML5 spec./elements and availability in browser stack (i.e. forms validation, semantic markup) 2) Shims, Polyfills, Alternative techniques for older browsers CSS experience: 1. Hand-on experience developing with HTML5/CSS3 techniques in table-less layout. 2. CSS Skinning: Transforming UX design PDF/PSD/image to custom CSS UI in HTML5/CSS files (without WYSIWYG tools, i.e. Dreamweaver) 3. Using CSS Frameworks, including responsive grids (preferably Bootstrap) 4. Responsive web techniques, and particularly responsive image solutions (i.e. PictureFill) 5. Using CSS preprocessors (LESS/SASS) 6. Using tools to manipulate and/or extract design elements into useable HTML5 image or font assets (i.e. creating/modifying custom sprites or custom icon fonts, etc.) JavaScript experience, writing complex logic in JavaScript/JQuery (required): 1. Experience using typical JavaScript/jQuery concepts in practice: Object-oriented JavaScript, JavaScript/JQuery AJAX, practice consuming JSON/XML web services and advice constructing request/response formats, jQuery Promises, JavaScript/JQuery Events, closures/prototypical inheritance. 2. using 3rd-Party jQuery plugins (, 3. Creating custom jQuery plugins and/or jQuery stateful widgets, ( 4. Deep experience with AngularJS, which includes experience plan and build from scratch an entire Single Page Application a. creating custom directives b. view based routing c. data persistence between views d. interacting with RESTful web services. 5. Deep experiencing setting up front-end build tools (NodeJS, NPM-based): a. Task runner (grunt, gulp, or similar) for optimization [CSS and JS concat/minify/uglify/ b. Front-end testing (Jasmine, Karma, Sinon, etc.) c. CSS/JS dependency management (Bower) Mobile App Development: 1) Extensive web-view development (i.e. Phonegap/Cordova), including Ionic or similar UI framework, including some develoment of plugins. 2) Understanding of non-web-view hybrid framework (Xamarin, ReactNative, Sencha, Titanium Appcelerator) 3) Mobile app device/simulator/emulator testing aacross Android 2.1-5 and iOS 5-9. 4) High-level understanding of native app architecture and approaches: iOS and Android 5) Familiarity with public app store (Apple App Store/Google Play) and Enterprise app store (i.e. Airwatch of Mobile Iron) DevOps 1) Creating continuous integration (CI) jobs/tasks (i.e. Jenkins, Travis, etc.). 2) Infrastructure automation tools like Chef 3) Managing multiple source-code branches/merges in SVN/GIT, including experience with cloud and Enterprise tools like Bitbucket. 4) Setting up local dev environments with tools like Vagrant/Docker 5) Setting up Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud applications (i.e. IBM Bluemix, Heroku). 6) PaaS experience with Cloud Foundry (cf) PaaS web applications. 7) Setting up Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud applications (i.e. Amazon EC2, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, Softlayer, Microsoft Azure). 8) Practical understanding of DNS records, SSL Certs for web application services. Web Backend Applications (understanding and secondary practical knowledge): 1) Webserver/proxy setup and configuration (Apache/Nginx, Varnish) 2) REST API development (i.e. J2EE/JAXRS, could be in another language. 3) SQL (i.e. PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL databases (i.e MongoDB, Couchdb, etc.). Technical Architecture: 1) Scalable web applications (horizontal,vertical) 2) Database as a Service (DBaaS) value. Soft Skills: 1) Experience leading and mentoring other developers/team members 2) Openness to domestic onsite client visits. 3) Great communication in client-facing roles. Intellectual comprehension and clarity to describe both high-level and low-level technical/business/marketing processes. 4) Startup culture and current trends 5) Enterprise culture and current trend