Ref No.: 17-00304
Location: nyc, New York

Please help in below full time –


Please find attached a JD for 5 Roles…

Level – Manager (8+ years) or Sr. Manager (11 Years +). Salary Range – 110K Base + 15% to 150K Base + 20%

NY Down Town

Non Visa – Very Solid folks


Java 8, but more specifically

o   Asynchronous event based programming

o   Multithreading and concurrency programming

o   Reactive programming style

-          Databases

o   Nosql (experience with ignite, gemfire etc)

o   Transactional (ACID)

-          Messaging

o   Zeromq or equivalent

o   Kafka or equivalent

o   Understanding of low level networking principles and different messaging paradigms (pub/sub, req/resp, push/pull)

-          Microservices and web stacks

o   Events based web application frameworks (eg vertx)

o   Scaling of microservices for throughput and latency

o   Load balancing and failover

-          Toolset expertise

o   GIT

o   Continuous integration

o   Gradle

·         Docker