Ref No.: 16-02100
Location: DALLAS, Texas
 I am looking for someone with excellent Java / J2EE background that I need in my team. There is no official Job description for this yet but let me know if you have any leads. Here is what I am looking for at a high level, 
  1. Good knowledge of Java / J2EE best practices -
  2. Experience with performance tuning of code – ex – better file reads, algorithms, handling connections, transactions, Thread –safe and its pro-cons, performance tools, etc. 
  3. Ability to design frameworks which are extensible and flexible.  -
  4. Has experience in CI and Dev Ops – Understands Jenkins, GitHub, etc. Looking for someone who can bring himself / herself up to speed quickly in our current environment.  
  5. Good communication skills  - Able to articulate clearly his/her ideas.  
  6. Anything you can think of who can be a strong team player who can bring in the perspective to make the application layer obtain performance.