Ref No.: 16-02052
Location: Wayne, New Jersey
We have the following position open for Full stack Java developer (with experience required in DevOp tools).
Location- San Ramon, CA.

The key skills here and Java/Spring/Linux command line. Practical experience with DevOps tools and continuous deployment. Candidate needs to be independent worker who can work with minimal supervision.
Please find below JD & submit candidates accordingly.
Sr. Consultant
Software Engineer - know your (software) development patterns – this means: ? Write elegant, simple to maintain, readable code – you will be working with others in the team, so be kind. ? There are patterns – use them! ? There are anti patterns –do not use them! • Core Developer Skills: ? Must be practitioner of DevOps. Required knowledge of Git, Vagrant, Docker and Docker Swarn, Jenkins, Ansible, Consul, Linux command line. ? Java 1.8, Spring platform v4 (xd, springboot, data rest, jpa, integration testing at least). ? Must be practitioner of Test Driven Development. Must have practical knowledge of SpringBoot jUnit. ? Fluent working with Front end stacks (html, JavaScript, CSS) • DevOps Skills: Practical knowledge / use of Continuous Deployment, Microservices and Containers: • Understand core concepts and practices around using deployment pipeline, pub sub messaging. • Experience with Continuous Integration / Delivery / Deployment. • Experience with container build modules and immutable deployments • Must have experience with microservices architecture and core concepts of domain driven design, service discovery, failover, "pipelining ". Experience with building and deploying Microservices to production environments