Ref No.: 16-00434
Location: FLORHAM, New Jersey
Florham Park.
New Jersey Location F2F IS REQ

UI Developer role we seek to fill needs to be a strong thinker, communicator and fast worker. This pee core language first; otherwise they do not understand how and why a framework does something. This applies to both JS and CSS.

Technical Must have
  • Understand Javascript that means closures, asynchronous programming, functional programming (understand how callbacks and promises work), scope.
  • AngularJS They should have AngularJS as part of their most recent job description where they were active developers
  • JSON They should have recent JSON experience
    • They need to understand how to create/modify JSON and know how to implement it
  • CSS/CSS3 They should have recent CSS/CSS3 experience
    • They need to understand
      • The difference between inline styles and classes and multiple class name overrides (via concatenation)