Ref No.: 15-01437
Location: Mckinny, Texas
Position Type:Contract
Job Overview:

This role will implement a continuous integration build and release process, manage source code, oversee artifact management, and managing and monitoring the automated build and continuous integration workflow and environment. The goal is to fully automate deployment of code and general software configuration management.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Lead is responsible for:
  • Installation, configuration, integration, and support of the various open source and COTS continuous integration, continuous delivery tools for version control, configuration control, code control, version control, etc., all of which are required to support the build, test, deploy cycle
  • Create an integrated build process
  • Establish standards for build artifact management and build configuration
  • Provide documentation for change management and best practices
  • Coordinate code deployments with DEV and QA teams
  • Integrate existing tools and develop new tools and scripts to improve the build infrastructure
  • Assist in defining best practice release and deployment process and maintenance activities
  • Integrate automated test, quality metrics and deployment in the software build process
  • Manage existing tools and systems while transitioning to improved processes and methods
  • Communicate effectively with other engineers in a positive and collaborative manner
Collaborate with Development, QA and other teams to ensure a smooth transition of deliverables through proper release channels