Ref No.: 19-03295
Location: Wayne, New Jersey
 Job description:

• Teradata Developer with excellent skill in development and maintainence of SQL applications, scripts, queries and View creation and modification.

• Performance tuning, including collecting statistics, analyzing explains & determining which tables needed statistics.

• Good Understanding of UDF's.

• Creating and modifying Database Objects.

• Experienced using fastexport and fastload utilities.

• Loading data from various data sources and legacy systems into Teradata production and development using BTEQ, FASTEXPORT, MULTI LOAD, FASTLOAD, Informatica, Ab Initio and other tools.

• Ability to understand and map data flows and data lineage.

• Expertise in the Teradata cost based query optimizer

• Ability to optimize queries, identify potential bottlenecks with queries from the aspects of query writing, skewed redistributions, join order, optimizer statistics, physical design considerations (PI and USI and NUSI and AJI etc.)

• In-depth knowledge of Teradata Explain and Visual Explain to analyze and improve query performance