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Ref No.: 18-02332
Location: NORFOLK, Virginia
Position Type:Contract
Skills Required:

5+ years of experience in MongoDB.
Good experience with a programming language such as Java or Node.js is preferred
Good experience in MongoDB Security and Defragmentation is REQUIRED!
Able to detect performance problems using Mongo Profiler.
• You should have experience in working on CRUD Operations, Document based Data modeling, Design of Collections and Documents
• You must have experience with physical collection creation, access pattern tuning, sharding implementation, index creation and debugging query execution to obtain optimum DB performance
• Having good knowledge of various MongoDB database design patterns and physical architectures for different use cases
• Having knowledge on data replication and sharding in a distributed database, Schema and architecture design -working with application/development team
• Able to do Query fine tuning & index re-build
• Having experience with monitoring of various issues related with database, Monitoring at Server, Collection Level and various monitoring tools related to MongoDB
• Hands on experience in root cause analysis for business impacting issues and agile.