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Business Data Analyst
Ref No.: 18-01300
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Position Type:Contract
Candidate should have experience working as a Business Data Analyst, involving interface with business teams to quickly understand the business requirements and then being able to do a deep-dive into the data to produce an output and then analyze the data to conform with the business requirement. The individual is expected to be able to pull data together from various sources and analyze the data effectively enough to produce the desired output. This role is quite similar to a Business Analyst, with the difference being that a Business Analyst typically works off a business problem that is previously already analyzed by the client, whereas the Business Data Analyst actually analyzes data to define/surface the problem. Once the data has been analyzed the candidate is required to work with a BI (Business Intelligence) engineer to create dashboards and eventually present the dashboard to the business.
For ex: a Business Analyst will be given a problem as "Create a solution to provide replacement equipment in a pre-defined order of priority, based on the customer's historical enrollment information”. A Business Data Analyst will be told "Provide analysis on the patterns of equipment inventory flow based on the historical enrollment information of customers”. The difference here is that the BA has a well-defined problem to solve, whereas the BDA is identifying patterns in the data to understand/define the problem itself