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Account Manager - Chaska, MN - Full Time Opportunity
Ref No.: 18-00996
Location: Chaska, Minnesota
Position Type:Direct Placement
Experience Level: 4 Years
Start Date / End Date: 06/25/2018 to 09/19/2018
Account Manager - Chaska, MN

Partnering with internal new business development, engineering and professional services teams, the Account Manager will strive to find new strategic solutions for our existing customers that will expand and grow our existing book of business. This role will travel extensively in support of building relationships with key customer stakeholders that you will consistently conduct relationship reviews with your peers in the operations group supporting the customer and that you will lead and primarily execute the solution crafting process in support of your accounts.

Secondary responsibility is to serve as a positive leader and role model, helping Company successfully achieve our long-term vision. We expect you to help mentor less experienced sales team members and key delivery resources; to identify new opportunities for Company; and to be a part of our process to implement positive change in our business. We expect you to promote and utilize the Value Selling methodology in every aspect of your selling process and customer relationship development.


Sales / Account Management
  • Have significant knowledge of Company’s services and capabilities. Serve as the primary resource in educating prospects and customers on Company’s services and capabilities, history and technology trends relevant to the customers. Create quick, concise verbal and written statements to capture and maintain the attention of key stakeholders.
  • Identify, pursue and open new prospect relationships and revenue streams that have current and future unmet needs for Company’s services
  • Build and maintain long-term customer relationships through a creative and proactive Value Selling approach, constantly identify ways for Company to add value to our customers
  • Define and execute clear sales strategies for pursuing prospects through calling, value proposition communications, professional networking and brokered introductions from existing customer relationships. The ideal candidate does not get easily discouraged with rejection.
  • Define and execute clear sales strategies for identifying good Company “fit” prospects.
  • Utilize research tools to get a good understanding of the customer’s business, goals, and initiatives so that they can deliver convincing TUFA business fit presentations.
  • Quickly assess and identify decision makers and secure audiences with them.
  • Patient yet persistent. Does not take no for an answer, specifically from gatekeepers such as procurement.
  • Communicate with confidence and ease about customer’s business, Company’s services, and the fit between them.
  • Create and deliver professional presentations for business fit and, in some cases, solution fit presentations.
  • Creates efficient and robust itineraries of sales appointments to maximize travel. Willing to travel frequently in support of attracting new business.
  • Able to navigate the initial opportunity discovery meeting with the customer without assistance from others. Knows what to listen for and look for to quickly determine if it is a good fit for Company.
  • Create convincing executive summary overviews for proposals.
  • Responsible for reviewing and editing content for all proposals.
  • Responsible for understanding the financial model of proposals and leading the negotiation with the customer.
  • Actively lead the process to develop customer proposal, RFQ, and/or RFI responses. Work with New Business Development, Engineering, Professional Service Group, etc., as necessary, to develop the proposal and win the opportunity.
  • Annually achieve a minimum of $5 million in revenue at targeted margins within 2 years. Success would be to consistently achieve more than $10 million in revenue at targeted margins within 4 years.
  • Travel as required for any of the above activities
  • Achieve competence in the use of Company’s technology and tools relevant to the AE role. For example, be proficient with the CRM sales forecasting tools, including selling activities, opportunity information, prospect profile, and post-mortem analysis.
  • Team player who communicates and works well with team members within the sales team and across other departments
  • Proactively provide ideas for marketing and sales strategies and new services opportunities based upon prospect and customer interaction.
  • Fiscally responsible involving travel and expense budgets

Interpersonal Relationships: establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships — developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and maintaining them over time.​
  • Communication
    • Be comfortable communicating openly and honestly with all members across the organization JOB COMPETENCIES
    • Practice strong verbal and written communication
    • Contribute to the growth of the company with new ideas and honest feedback
    • Continuously try to improve the health of the organization
  • Maintain internal relationships:
    • Operations Department
    • Sales Department
  • Maintain external relationships as required:
    • Customer contacts
    • Vendors


Complete understanding of Company business operations, specifically involving financial responsibility that is aligned with the company’s goals including using resources efficiently, striving to reduce costs and increase margins and potentially contributing to the annual budgeting process.
  • Initiative
    • Takes action, seeks new opportunities, strives to see projects to completion, goes above and beyond, takes calculated risks, a self-starter.
  • Job Knowledge
    • Understands facets of job, aware of duties and responsibilities, keeps job knowledge current, keeping current on trends within area of expertise (your Company).
  • Leadership
    • Provides strong leadership, sets a good example, skilled decision maker, motivator, encourager, strategic thinker.
  • Negotiation
    • Ability to come to an agreement on something through discussion and compromise that reaches a common goal working toward the best possible position for the company.
  • Problem Solving
    • Strives to understand contributing factors, works to resolve complex situations.
  • Product Expertise
    • Knows product features, understands marketplace, shares expertise with others.
  • Productivity
    • Manages workload, works efficiently, meets goals and objectives.
  • Quality
    • Strives to eliminate errors, accurate work is a priority, seeks opportunities to improve product/services.
  • Sales Goals
    • Respects and achieves sales plan goals, strives to maintain quota.
  • Sales Skills
    • Understands marketplace, works to meet prospect/customer needs, effective closing technique.
  • Strategic Thought
    • Works to establish and articulate vision, shows creativity when defining solutions.

 Education Experience:
  • Required Education
    • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Desired
    • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent related experience
    • Any relevant certifications a plus
Required Experience:
  • Documented and verifiable ability to drive complex sales strategies within large Fortune 500 organizations with large
  • Experience selling solutions to organizations with large, distributed network of locations throughout North America
  • Proven history of delivering comparable volumes of revenue – minimally $5M within 2 years with goal of $10M+ within 4 years
  • Experience in building brand awareness in new markets, industries and organizations
  • Previous experience and success in presenting to a variety of audiences
  • Demonstrated experience working through a long sales cycle
  • Any relevant certifications a plus

Other Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Technical knowledge of the following core technology elements:
    • Physical layer cabling of all platforms (data, voice, CCTV/IPVS, paging)
    • WAN and LAN networks
    • Wireless Environments (WIPS, 802.11 a/b/g/n, key industry OEM platforms)
    • Electrical services – basic knowledge of implementation practices
  • Interested in learning new technologies and solutions and applying them to the development / expansion of customer relationships
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to present in front of a variety of audiences , including to "C” level audiences
  • Demonstrated ability to secure multi-year agreements
  • Demonstrated ability to renew complex contracts (specifically in a "sourced” environment)
  • Ability to grow the number of coaches and contacts within a customer organization every year
  • Proficiency in the Microsoft Suite tools and Prezi
  • Ability to create complex cost models using tools such as Excel
  • Ability to lead a diverse team of experts in the creation of a solution and cost model (including engineers, project managers, configuration experts, warehouse managers, etc.)
  • Proficient in customer negotiations and conflict management
  • Ability to facilitate resolutions to customer escalations by working intimately with internal groups such as engineering, project management, etc.
  • Ability to operate within a fast-paced and creative environment
  • Superior ethics and integrity in all business dealings
  • Demonstrated ability to be flexible and adaptable
  • Comfortable with unpredictable workloads and travel
  • Any relevant certifications a plus 

For more information please contact Thomas Carlson at 952-204-5997

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