Ref No.: 17-00709
Location: San Ramon, California
Position: Unix Admin
Location: San Ramon, CA
Contract Duration: 9 Months

Job Description:
  • Monitoring and reporting of Solarwinds and EMC Networker.
  • Work related to Linux Adminsitration.
  • Server Analyst
  • Using RHN Satellite for the UNIX patching activity and perform manual patching for failed Servers, Workstations, LTD's and Blades.
  • Performing ESX patching from the VMware.
  • Do live monitoring of all servers using Xymon and report critical as well as non-critical alerts to respective server owners and remediate the ones which are within our scope
  • Rebooting hung LTD's & Blades
  • Perform various Unix related Information Protection System (IPS) tasks–HTTP control checks, NAS control checks and ESX control checks
  • Creating a Server using VM Template and providing support through V Sphere Client for severs.
  • Daily Monitoring of backups through Networker tool NMC and running Emergency Groups for failed Savesets & Groups.
Education Level Required:
Engineering Graduate Or Relevant Experience.