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CHV - SAP Tech Services
Ref No.: 17-00821
Location: San Ramon, California
 Job Description
Position Title:  CHV - SAP Tech Services
Project Location:   San Ramon, CA, United States
Contract Duration: Permanent

Mandatory Skills:
  • Over 6+ years exp in Basis activities -
  • SAP R/3 Installation & Post-installation Step
  • Support pack upgrade(ABAP+JAVA), Kernel patch upgrade
  • Stopping & Starting the R/3 System
  • Process Overview at the Operating System Level
  • R/3 Startup Logs and Traces
  • R/3 Profiles
  • Operation Modes
  • Background Processing
  • Client copy, client maintainace.
  • CCMS Monitors
  • SAP Online Support System (OSS)
  • Transport Management System
  • Workbench/Customizing Organizer
  • Database maintenance and architecture
  • Database Startup Logs and Traceso Introduction to BRTOOLS
  • Tablespace Administration with BRTOOLS ( Oracle DB)
  • Backing Up the Database: BRBACKUP ( Oracle DB)
  • Backing Up the Archived Redo Logs: BRARCHIVE ( Oracle DB)
  • R/3 Performance tunning
  • SAP Printing System
  • General Admin Utilities
  • Monitoring User Sessions
  • Monitoring Work Processes
  • Monitoring Update Records
  • Monitoring Lock Entries
  • Monitoring Client Copies
  • R/3 System Logs
  • ABAP/4 Short Dumps
  • System Traces
Education Level Required:
Graduate Or Relevant Experience.