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Product Manager - SOW
Ref No.: 18-00913
Location: O Fallon, Missouri
Product Manager - SOW

Advisors have been looking at ways that the Company can enter new market spaces and capture additional financial flows. One of the areas of focus is capital markets, specifically securities post trade activities and securities servicing. These services are today performed largely by custody banks (the largest are JPM, Client Mellon, State Street, and Client). There are today significant operational challenges in securities post trade services which result in long lags, add to cost and risk, and draw heavy amounts of capital.
Block chain technology has shown promise as a potential solution to address these operational challenges. In order to work in a post trade environment, however, it would need to operate in a permissioned network. We are looking at the possibility of the Company playing the role of the permissioned network operator utilizing our network capabilities (speed, security, ability to manage operating rules). We've had initial conversations with some industry players which would indicate that there may be a role for us.
In order to explore this more fully. We need to be able to understand the current operations of custody banks much more deeply. John managed the custody business in North America for JPM and would help us map out all of the operational flows in details. He would help us identify the current pain points. Then he would help us think through how the combination of block chain and Company's capabilities could address those pain points. He would help us look at several operational use cases: securities post trade clearing and settling, securities servicing, securities lending, and tri-party repos.