Previous Job
RN ED/Psych
Ref No.: 16-08119
Location: Moreno Valley, California
Experience Level: 2 Years
Start Date: 12/22/2016
 39 Licensed beds with surge capacity of 120. BLS, ACLS, PALS, and MAB are required. 300 patients seen daily. Ratio's are 1:3-4. ER generally see's younger patients. Level II Trauma facility.

•    Assesses patients on admission within specified time frames to include consideration of physical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual needs
•    Reassess each patients health needs whenever warranted b the patients condition and at least every shift utilizing the nursing processes after obtaining a systematic database
•    Establishes a plan of care based on indefinite data from all appropriate sources
•    Reviews and updates the plan of care for each assigned patient utilizing data obtained from reassessments. 
•    Administers oral, topical the parental medications utilizing the 7 rights
•    Assesses and documents effectiveness/untoward effects of medications and treatments. 
•    Performs treatments and procedures with consideration of common nursing practice, hospital policy and procedure, sterile technique, standard precautions and patient privacy
•    Documents response to care and addresses pain management, discharge planning needs, educations and progress towards goals. 
•    Documents in a legible and accurate manner to include date and time of entry, signature, and title. 
•    Educates patient/family based on his/her assessed needs and uses "Krames” where appropriate
•    Interprets or analyzes diagnostic data and reports, and intervenes appropriately 
•    Promptly communicates change in patients' clinical condition to physicians and other health care team members as appropriate.
•    Uses SBAR communication for all handoffs
•    Demonstrates consideration of patient rights including confidentiality, safety and patient participation in plan of care 
•    Evaluates and documents patient care provided and the effectiveness of patient teaching
•    Participates in multidisciplinary care planning
•    Demonstrates knowledge of application criteria for restrains and the ability to manage patients in restraints per policy
•    Follows the National Patient Safety Goals 
•    Follows hospital policy on use of two patient identifiers 
•    Understands Disaster Plan and own role
•    Understands how to activate the Rapid Response Team 
•    Completes orientation to Life Safety Standards – Code Blue, Code Pink (infant abduction, Haz Mat Spills, Code Red (Fire), Oxygen shut off valve. 
•    Follows hospital infection control policies.
•    Demonstrates knowledge of blood transfusion policy and documentation 
•    Understand the Chain of Command and accesses it appropriately 
•    Follows guidelines for Core Measures and Vaccine protocol
•    Washes hand before and after each patient contact
•    Possesses necessary skills and experience to perform advance patient  assessment at unit specific time frames and prioritizes and reprioritizes patient needs when necessary
•    Has experience in caring for patients across the age continuum from birth to geriatric age groups
•    Possesses necessary skills, competencies and education to respond to minor to life threatening illness or injury
•    Completes the ED skills checklist prior to completion of 1st scheduled shift
•    Exhibits an understanding of the patient flow through ED including Rapid medicine Evaluation (RME)
•    Is able to perform all necessary nursing activities related to admission/discharge
•    Learns and uses the chain of command within the ED
•    Understands the teaching/physician residency model for the ED
•    Possesses skill and knowledge base to safely administer high risk medications following hospital/ED policy
•    Understands how to document patient care in the ED flow sheet and other paperwork utilized
•    Maintains BLS, ACLS, PALS/ENPC when working in the ED  (TNCC/ATCN/CEN Highly desired)
•    Knows how to document and care for a 5150 patient
•    Understands the ED evaluation/care process for potential/actual suicidal patients 
•    Is able to accurately analyze rhythms of patients of cardiac monitoring
•    Has knowledge and experience managing patients with CVP, ICP and othe critical care adjuncts
•    Assists the physician, physician assistant or Nurse practitioner with technical procedures i.e. chest tubes, central lines, intubation