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Sterile Processing Tech
Ref No.: 16-02713
Location: Glendale, Colorado
Start Date: 04/06/2016
Job Description
Department Position Title Reports To
Central Sterile Technician Regional Vice President of Operations
Effective/Revision Date: 
November 2002
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I have reviewed these job requirements and verify that I can perform the minimum requirements and essential functions of this position.
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The Central Sterile Technician is responsible for the decontamination, packaging, sterilization and delivery of instruments, materials, and equipment necessary for support of surgical services; working under indirect supervision of the Director of Surgical Services utilizes specific guidelines and standards for department operations.  Responsibilities also include documentation of sterilization process and ensuring equipment functionality.
STANDARD I – Customer Service/Communication/Interpersonal Skills
Demonstrates good skills in all forms of communication.  Works well with others in a spirit of teamwork and cooperation.  Exceed expectations of internal and external customers: Patients, families, physicians, colleagues, visitors and vendors.
STANDARD II – Job Knowledge/Productivity/Initiative
Maintains certifications, education and development appropriate for position.  Completes position responsibilities by following established guidelines and protocols within the appropriate time frame.
STANDARD III – AAS/Hospital/Department Policies & Procedures
Supports, implements and ensures compliance with all AAS/hospital and department policies and procedures.
STANDARD IV – Organizational Ethics/Improving Organizational Performance
Supports AAS, HCA and Hospital's ethics, mission, vision and values.  Demonstrates understanding and involvement with Performance Improvement.
STANDARD V – Position Specific Essential Performance Criteria
Performs position specific job functions at an acceptable level with minimal supervision