Previous Job
Developer (Full Stack) - Master
Ref No.: 18-13544
Location: Creve Coeur, Missouri
Start Date / End Date: 11/05/2018 to 08/31/2019
Full Stack Developer
Why is this position open?
Growth on team/New EDS team being created.
• What top 3 things are you looking for on resumes of quality candidates?
BS degree in Computer Science, similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience.
Worked with UI frameworks such as Material Design. Familiarity with styling and implementing front-end frameworks such as react, vue and angular.
Three or more years of experience in solving challenging technical problems in web application development
• What technologies/languages do you want them to have experience with and how many years of experience?
At least 2 years' experience with React, Angular, or Node would be required
• What is a day like in this role? What 3-5 responsibilities will occupy their time?
Person will be working directly with Product Designers to create an Element Design System to be leveraged by all development teams
Building the site to host EDS and providing usage guidelines and implementation details, so that it can be informative and accessible to both technical, and non-technical roles.
Work with other developers to increase adoption of EDS and alter based on feedback
• Who will this person work with on a daily basis?
The team is part of the Developer Enablement Technical Platform in IT Products & Engineering, focusing on delivering solutions to our Product Development teams to enable them to spend more time building business logic and less time worrying about how to operationalize their code. The EDS team will focus on creating the design system that will be utilized by all of the product development teams to create consistent, usable, and accessible sites.
• What is the long-term plan for the role?
Currently this project is slated to run through August of 2019. Has the possibility to be extended.

• What will your interview process look like? Phone screen? Face to Face? Both?
1. Filtered test
2. Phone screen
3. Face to face interview preferred but will do a video/webex. The candidate must do the interview on a PC and will have to share screens and need to be prepared to answer coding questions.

• Would you consider remote workers?
Would consider, prefer onsite candidates.
(Please clearly state in the summary grid that they will be a remote worker if you have to submit a remote candidate)