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Lab Associate
Ref No.: 18-12931
Location: West Hills, California
Start Date / End Date: 10/15/2018 to 02/14/2019
Duration:3-4 month(s)

Description/Comment:Perform various routine laboratory functions in a precise and accurate fashion, to assist the laboratory professional staff and to facilitate production. Functions may include: Sorting, and receiving specimens in the department; Performing routine instrument maintenance on some equipment; Performing laboratory tasks of centrifuging specimens, printing extra labels, recording data (temperature charts) specimen storage and retrieval; Preparing reagents and or media in the department; Preparing specimens at workstations for testing (including building worklists, aliquoting specimens into sample cups, checking specimens for clots and fibrin, inoculation, slide preparation); Performing QA/QC duties as assigned; Resolving pending lists; Finding missing samples; Decontaminating work areas; Performing weekly radioactive wipe tests; Maintaining files for department records; Changing gas cylinders; Following all PPE requirements and all safety regulations; Using the laboratory computer system as well as operating PCs; Disposing of biohazardous material; Completing training and competency checklists as appropriate. 2+ months of lab experience

Additional Job Details:We need a temp to work the 3rd shift in Microbiology. Hours 11pm-7:30am, Monday thru Friday. Someone with some lab experience will be our 1st choice. 15% Diff Replacement for a temp offer that fell through