Previous Job
Data Scientist - Senior
Ref No.: 18-12353
Location: Creve Coeur, Missouri
Start Date / End Date: 11/05/2018 to 12/20/2019
Required skills:
Experience in solving scheduling/production planning/revenue optimization/network design problem using linear and mixed integer mathematical programming (+5 years)
CPLEX/Gurobi experience (+5 years)
Java experience (+4 years)
Database knowledge (+5 years)
PhD in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science or any related area; OR Masters with 3 years of industry experience
Ability to work in fast paced environment

Preferred skills:
Experience in IBM DOC, experience in constraint programming
Experience in working with data API's, Teradata, Oracle
Knowledge in Python or R (+3 years)
Knowledge in pricing and yield management

• What are some examples of projects they will be working on?
o Supply chain optimization, R & D pipeline improvement, etc.
• What are the 'must haves' to be successful in this role?
o Team player, able to communicate well, able to code hand-on in at least Java/Python/Javascript
o conceptual knowledge of statistics and basic theory
o Strong experience with R and Python
o Experience with implementation and design with prototypes, data mining, learning modeling and data sets in supply chain
• What is the highest level of education is needed for this position?
o PhD, or Masters with proven experience
• What will be your interview process?
o Technical interview (60min) – agenda for reference (1) candidate's general introduction and technical strengths introduction (15min) (2) real-time coding test (25min) (3) general verbal technical questions (10min) (4) logistics and questions back (10min)