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Statistician In Biomarker Development
Ref No.: 18-11935
Location: Malvern, Pennsylvania
Start Date: 09/17/2018
Expert Statistician in Biomarker Development
  • At minimum a master's degree in statistics/computer science/computational biology + 3 years' experience in biomarker and translational research, PhD is preferred
  • Extensive experience in biomarker and molecular signature (DNA, RNA, protein etc.) discoveries and replications.
  • Must be an expert in innovated statistical methodologies (both traditional statistical approaches and machine learning approaches) in genome-wide feature selection, prognosis and predictive model building, subgroup identification, gene expression level (mRNA), differential expression, biological pathway and eQTL/pQTL mapping for all types of genomic features (at gene, single variant, transcriptomic or protein levels) using cutting edge testing technologies (DNA array, WGS and RNA-seq).
  • Must be an expert in pathway analyses, enrichment tests, data mining, and familiar with various publically available databases (1000G, GTEx etc.); be able to use bioinformatics tools to interpret statistical analysis results and biomarker features.
  • Experience in biomarker study design, statistical analysis plan and protocol development.
  • Expert in R, linx/unix system and pathway analysis tools (IPA, pathway studio etc).
  • Excellent communication/presentation skills; be able to collaborate/communicate with biologists and translational scientists.
  • Experience in molecular and statistical genetics, disease genetics, drug genomic target activity evaluation and validation is a plus.