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Financial Analyst-II
Ref No.: 18-10428
Location: San Francisco, California
Start Date: 08/16/2018
Job Function Summary:
Involves developing, interpreting and implementing financial concepts for financial planning, resource planning (dollars), and control of organizational budget. May analyze and prepare recommendations for financial plans, including annual resource allocations, future requirements, and operating forecasts.

Generic Scope (not customizable, will not be used in the job posting/advertisement):
Professional who applies acquired job skills, policies, and procedures to complete substantive assignments / projects / tasks of moderate scope and complexity; exercises judgment within defined guidelines and practices to determine appropriate action.

Custom Scope (customizable, will be used in the job posting/advertisement):
The Finance Analyst performs a variety of tasks including gathering and analyzing financial information, preparing financial reports, recharge billing, reviewing medical records for billing purposes, audits, and other duties as assigned. S/he serves as a key resource to the Finance team on reconciliation, purchasing, and expense reimbursement process policies and procedures. S/he reports directly to CRS. Finance Supervisor and works with the CTSI central finance team to carry out departmental financial responsibilities.

The incumbent applies organizational policies and procedures to resolve a variety of issues. S/he works on problems of limited to moderate scope where analysis of situations or data requires a review of a variety of factors. S/he exercises judgment within defined procedures and practices to determine appropriate action.

Department Overview (please write a brief description of your department/unit that you would like to be included in the job posting/advertisement)
The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) spans the four CLIENT health science schools (Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Dentistry), the CLIENT Graduate Division, and collaborating affiliates of CLIENT. The mission of CTSI is to facilitate clinical and translational research to improve patient and community health. CTSI does this by providing infrastructure, services and training to make research more efficient. CTSI develops broad coalitions and partnerships at the local, regional and national levels to enable a transformation of the research environment. CTSI has $14M in annual funding from multiple sources (NIH, institutional, philanthropy, industry and other) and includes 15 interdisciplinary programs.

The CTSI Clinical Research Services (CRS) integrates multiple clinical sites that provide adult and pediatric services and translate promising clinical research ideas into successful protocols. The CRS provides an array of services such as Inpatient and Outpatient Nursing Services, Body Composition and Exercise Laboratories, and Sample Processing Laboratories.

Key Responsibilities
List key functions and the estimated percentage of time spent performing each of the responsibilities. Indicate which responsibilities are considered "Essential " to the successful performance of the job as defined by the EEOC: "Essential functions are the basic job duties that an employee must be able to perform. You should carefully examine each job to determine which functions or tasks are essential to performance.”

of time
Essential Function (Yes/No)
Key Responsibilities
(To be completed by Supervisor)
5 Yes Applies professional concepts to perform basic financial or resource analysis to understand past performance and determine present and future performance and / or resource allocations. Receives more detailed instructions for new assignments.
35 Yes Under general supervision, provides analytical support for simple to moderate budget, financial or resource analysis projects. Ensures that the appropriate internal controls are addressed, maintained and strengthened to protect University resources.
· Maintains the accuracy of the CTSI programmatic recharge activity
· Maintains and processes recharge billing on a timely manner
· Works with core units to ensure billing statements are accurate
· Works with PI and study team to resolve billing issues
· Work with Sr. Budget analyst and Protocol Manager to ensure studies are reconciled across all CRS systems
· Work with core managers to ensure recharge activities capture all related costs appropriately
· Work with financial analysts to resolve fund problems to ensure monthly recharge journals are processed monthly
· Maintain Sundry billing to affiliate and external billing are process and reconciled monthly
· Monitor Sundry accounts receivable and chargebacks
· Conducts quarterly audit sampling of CTSI ledger for appropriateness and validity of ledger transactions.
· Manage NCIRE/SFVA purchase orders for CTSI Core Services
· Other duties as assigned
5 Yes Implements department budget allocations and maintains department chart of accounts, and related business processes.
· Assists in maintaining CTSI COA
· Assists in creating and closing department and project ids
· Assists in conducting an annual review of CTSI COA
55 Yes Prepares basic financial and resource reports and / or analysis for internal department constituents. Examples include periodic financial reports, staff / faculty salary budgets, contracts, grants, gifts, endowments, or user fees. Financial and / or resource analysis could include budgetary analysis, financial analysis, forecasts, projections, staff or faculty salary or FTE analysis, student enrollment analysis, recharge or general rate analysis (parking rates, copier rates, capital project rates, student health charges) student fees (self-supporting programs, professional school fees, course material fees, etc.) contracts and grants analysis, endowment income, fungibility of funds, working capital, depreciation, new building funds, etc.

· Compile financial data for financial forecast and recharge billing
· Compile core's financial data for productivity and FTE analysis
· Assists departmental Effort Reporting System Coordinator to review effort reports, ensure PI certify within deadline.
· Core revenue analysis for annual recharge rate review
· Ensure equipment depreciation are appropriately recorded annually
· Provide financial analysis on programmatic recharge activity and assist in preparing recharge proposals
· Provide data analysis for budgetary modeling and metric analysis
· Assists with large programmatic purchases and ensuring appropriate funding is used for the purchases
· Assists in prepare monthly programmtic finanical reports to program managers and directors.
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Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs)

Required qualifications must be possessed by any candidate to be considered for the position. These qualifications will be included in the job posting/advertisement and will be used to screen applicants. Note: Only objective, specific and quantifiable (KSAs) will be used when screening (i.e. 6 months of event planning experience vs. prior event planning experience). Preferred qualifications are those skills or abilities that an ideal candidate possesses, but are not required in order for a candidate to be considered for the position.

Please list:
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Req / Pref
Some knowledge of finance policies, practices and systems. Req
Ability to gather reasonably retrievable information, organizes, and performs basic financial analysis assignments. Req
Ability to present information in a clear and concise manner both in writing and verbally. Req
Demonstrated ability to use spreadsheet and database software for moderately complex financial analysis, fiscal management and financial reports. Req
Demonstrated Interpersonal skills at all levels within the unit; service orientation; critical thinking; attention to detail; ability to multi-task in a high volume environment, organizational skills. Req
Ability to adapt to changing priorities. Req
Ability to function as a member of a team. Req
Intermediate knowledge and understanding of internal control practices and their impact on protecting University resources. Req
Ability to independently interpret and apply policies, respond to requests and resolve issues, and provide assistance, to faculty and staff at all levels in a team-oriented environment. Req
Knowledge of GAAP practices. Req
Experience with CLIENT Recharge billing policies and procedures, including Contracts & Grants and Extramural Fund Accounting requirements. Pref
Advanced skills in Microsoft Office programs, including Access, Excel, Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Req
Pre-award grant experience, including preparing proposal budgets, completing NIH forms, and collecting data to demonstrate compliance (i.e. human subjects education training, human/animal subjects research approval, other support, and biosketches). Req
Prior experience with NIH grants management and budget development, including OMB Circulars A21 and A133. Req
Knowledge of fund accounting, cost accounting standards, recharge methodology development, cost transfer policy, effort reporting, travel and reimbursement policies. Pref

Education, Licenses and Certifications:
List Education, Licenses and Certifications a candidate must possess or meet to be considered for the position. You may also select any of these attributes as being preferred. These will be included in the job posting/advertisement and will be used to screen applicants.
Education Req / Pref
Bachelor's degree in related area and 1 – 3 years of related work experience or equivalent combination of education and experience / training. Req

Special Conditions of Employment: (Statements identifying the fundamental non-negotiable job conditions and/or requirements which an individual must meet to be eligible for the position. For example, the ability to pass a background check, work in a particular environmental setting, work a flexible or irregular work schedule, etc.)

Problem Solving
Please provide 2-3 examples of problem solving for this position as described below (please be brief: 1-3 sentences for each example).

Common problems solved by the employee:
· Resolving recharge errors that has low impact to research study finances
· Resolving allocation errors to staff payroll
· Answer investigators inquiries to recharge billing rate and units
· Work with program managers to resolve errors found in ledger reconciliation
· Answer program managers questions on their monthly financial reports
· Assists program managers in gathering data for programmatic metric analysis

Less frequent and more complex problems solved by the employee:
· Resolving recharge errors found during audit sampling or reconciliation that may impact research study finances
· Resolving recharge questions from recharge proposal review
· Resolve problems that may cause delays in recharge billing and assess the impact it may have on other areas

Problems/situations that are referred to this employee's supervisor:
· Escalate Investigators inquiries to their billing statement
· Programmatic budget allocation and their resources
· Issues/Situations that may cause audit or compliance risks