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Admin Officer
Ref No.: 18-09095
Location: San Francisco, California
Start Date: 07/25/2018
Professional who applies acquired job skills, policies, and procedures to complete substantive assignments / projects / tasks of moderate scope and complexity; exercises judgment within defined guidelines and practices to determine appropriate action.

Custom Scope
The Admin Officer provides executive administrative support to the Division Director of Ob/Gyn and Gyn Subspecialties (OGGS) and will communicate on behalf of the Division Director with Client faculty and leadership, media contacts, donors, the general public, and governmental agencies. Additionally, they will provide support to the other Faculty members and Fellows in the Division as needed. Incumbent works closely with the Division Chief, Chief of Obstetrics, Vice Chair of Patient Safety and Quality Assurance; serving as her Executive Assistant. Provides administrative support to 24 OGGS division faculty members on a day to day basis. A high level of work efficiency is needed for this position to complete day to day tasks and also requires higher level support to new senior faculty (e.g. grants, writing, and research collaboration support).

The position serves as the administrative lead for the OGGS Division Director and Vice Chair for Regional Women's Health Strategy, and supports the faculty of the Division of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Gynecologic Subspecialties in the Department of Obstretrics Gynecology and Reproductive Siciences. The incumbent will manage complex projects on behalf of the Director, manage the Director's academic executive and clinical calendars and prioritize the Director's calendar to align with his/her commitments and responsibilities, serve as the liason to faculty staff and external organizations, and provide assistance in the absence of the Director. Prepare agendas, responsible for assisting with the division renewals pertaining to the Director's research, takes lead in the Division's website development and management. Requires excellent communication skills, verbal and written, to draft and edit correspondence, faculty letters, update Director's CV, edit scientific manuscripts including journal articles, abstracts, and book chapters. Generate reports as required. Independently coordinate the Physician credentialing and priveledge process, coordinate the faculty and staff recruitment and hiring process. Assist the Director in the fellowship program and perform other duties as assigned.

Department Overview
The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences (Ob/Gyn & RS) is a major academic Department in the School of Medicine, engaged in clinical, research, and training activities at the Parnassus, Mt. Zion, Mission Bay, and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital campuses, as well as satellite locations throughout the Bay Area, with an annual operating budget of $129 million. The mission of the Client Department of OBGYN & Reproductive Sciences is to improve the lives and health of all women through excellence, innovation and leadership in Patient Care, Scientific Discovery, Education, Advocacy. "Leading the way in women's health.”

of time
Essential Function (Yes/No)
Key Responsibilities
(To be completed by Supervisor)
30 Yes Scheduling and Coordination Management:
Maintain complex clinical schedules in scheduling database. Coordinate faculty schedules and changes with scheduling team.
30 Yes Faculty and Staff HR Management
Ø Faculty: The incumbent will manage the recruitment process for Faculty including coordinating with HR to post open positions, draft recruitments plans, collect CVs and distribute to the search committee members, organize candidate interviews and travel schedule, committee meetings and take minutes , draft committee recommendations to be sent to the Chair, edit offer letters, complete new hire paperwork, manage the ADS system for faculty recruitment, complete paperwork to close open searches when a candidate has been selected. Additionally, once the candidate is selected, the incumbent will work with them to obtain privileges and ensure that they have all the required certifications and insurance to begin practice before their appointment date. They will also ensure that their office is set up with a computer and that all IT needs have been addressed The incumbent will manage ongoing HR requests of a sensitive and confidential nature including managing annual reappointment letter signatures,

Ø Staff: The incumbent will assist managers with the new hire process for Staff including coordinating with HR to post open positions, prescreen new hires, schedule interviews, participate in the interview and selection process, post open positions on external recruitment websites and other University's Job announcement sites, complete new hire paperwork with HR once a candidate is selected, manage staff employees personnel files. Additionally, the incumbent will work with HR to ensure that everything is prepared prior to the start date of the new hire including office set up and all issues related to IT including phone, voicemail, computer email etc. Faculty recruitment – Search Committees, Onboarding, Credentialing.
20 Yes Vice Chair for Regional Women's Health Strategy and Division Director Support:
Ø The incumbent will be responsible for the coordination and management of the Director's commitments. Provide high level support to the Division Director including keeping Director's calendar and appointments, resolving scheduling conflicts, coordinate meetings and minutes, plan events, handle media calls, handle confidential and sensitive information.

Ø Edit letters for reference reviews, Journals and articles. Draft correspondence as needed to Client committees, funders, etc. Research and collect references and information on Director's ongoing activities, update and maintain CV. Bio and academic advancement materials for Director. Act as a central liaison for information related to the Division. Manage oversight of the Fellowship program. Responsible for travel planning, expense reimbursements such as mileage and other expenses associated with travel, and any other related financial matters to support the Division Director. Additionally create management tools such as excel spreadsheets and power point presentations.

Academic Support
Ø Provide general management for physician faculty members including: serve as primary liaison between the division and the Client Staff office, update and maintain CV & Bio, prepare Academic Advancement materials, assist with submission of grants and publications. Other duties as assigned by the Director.

Analytic Support
Ø Assist with analytic data calculations for emerging research projects and clinic problem solving.

Other Administrative
Ø Set up and monitor departmental administrative systems such as Emergency Plans, coordinate communications and key systems, organize departmental meetings, set agendas and document meeting action and information items, take a lead role in facilities management, coordinate special projects and functions. Create and maintain forms and administrative tools for clinic support staff. The incumbent will work closely with clinical staff including practice assistants, nurses and NPs, the clinic managers, and outreach clinic staff to ensure that all details involving the activities of the Division Director are covered and well maintained including credentialing and other certifications. The incumbent will be responsible for scheduling visitors, including itineraries and travel plans.
Ø The Incumbent will create and manage the Division websites.
Ø Other projects include meeting/event planning including preparing and distributing support materials for meetings, taking and distributing meeting minutes.
15 Yes Miscellaneous Divisional Support:
The incumbent will oversee the following activities: Maintaining shared calendar, ordering division supplies, preparing and submitting check requests, TEV and CREME scheduling weekly and monthly meetings and conference rooms, maintaining office equipment as needed, coordinating office moves for faculty including arranging phones, email, computer set up, maintaining credentialing and other certifications, create and maintain monthly physician on call schedules and weekday L&D schedule, maintaining shared calendar, calling and tracking FedEx shipments, maintain office related files, obtaining and sorting mail for faculty and Division Director, and perform other duties as assigned.
5 Yes Letter writing for grant support, patient relations, faculty recommendations.
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  • KSAs
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Req / Pref
Knowledge of Outlook Excel MS Word PowerPoint, EndNote, and scheduling management via email. Req
Pre-award grant preparation and manuscript preparation Req
Excellent interpersonal communication written and editing skills Req
Ability to work independently in a fast paced environment Req
Ability to prioritize work and proven ability to manage multiple tasks successfully Req
Understanding of clinical research methodology Pref
Knowledge of reproductive health issues and hospital administration Pref

Problem Solving

Common problems solved by the employee
  • Evaluate overall productivity of the Division from Faculty feedback & outcome of special projects to propose policy changes or new initiatives
  • Respond and triage all incoming communications and decide whether or not to contact the Director or delegate to another faculty member or staff. Have an in depth understanding of the Director's priorities and commitments in order to manage his/her calendar and meetings
  • Must understand the credentialing and privileges process to insure that the faculty privileges are kept current and in good standing. Communicate with the medical staff office to ensure timely completion on new privilege and renewal applications. Ensure applications are complete and obtain additional information for applications when necessary
  • Manage recruitment and on-boarding process for faculty
  • Manage complex clinic and call schedules

Less frequent and more complex problems solved by the employee
  • The incumbent must have strong experience with program management and program development from conception to completion, event planning and coordinating logistics for large to small meetings
  • Must have a working knowledge of the grant submission process including pre award procedures to prepare Faculty for upcoming grant deadlines and submissions and answer questions when they arise. Must be able to understand the submission process in order to prepare several sections of the grant and to inform the Director of grant requirements and deadlines

Problems/situations that are referred to this employee's supervisor
  • Scheduling conflicts that cannot be resolved due to the complexity of the Director's calendar. Once all options have been exhausted, incumbent will contact the Director to confirm priorities and resolve conflicts
  • Significant expenses related to the office management must be discussed with the Director and or Director of Administration. The Admin Officer has the authority to make decisions when ordering office supplies and items that are essential to the productivity of the Division but will need to discuss with the Director in regards to large purchases such as new computers and office furniture
  • Final approval of publications must be given by faculty before final submission. Grant documents must be reviewed by the Investigator for whom they are prepared before submission to the Division Research Administration Staff