Previous Job
R&D Associate
Ref No.: 17-03979
Start Date / End Date: 05/19/2017 to 06/05/2017
Role Purpose:
•To support the delivery of disruptive innovation to RB's pipeline in line with CDO objectives for hygiene.
•To help identify innovation and deliver qualified opportunities with clear route to market, both as part of 5YP but also incorporating additional opportunities for hygiene.
•To champion the testing of new business models / routes for R&D innovation to get to market – including emerging markets, direct to customer, digital etc.

• This is an innovation delivery role with a clear focus on bringing NR to the pipeline. Key stakeholders are the R&D director – Disruptive Innovation and the respective Category R&D Director, GCO hygiene, plus where appropriate the new business partners (IMEx, PO1, Sales, IS etc).
• Projects will be resourced using dynamic resourcing model (utilising the Portfolio Management team). A key part of this role will be assessing the resource need for the projects and communicating accordingly to the R&D Category Lead.
• The team handles the front end of discovery of customer solutions by bringing in new ways of thinking for the company to explore.

• Translation of brand aspirational stretch areas outlined in 5YP into new projects in the hygiene pipeline.
• Support Identification of consumer, technology, clinical and regulatory insights that facilitate realisation of innovation ideas as defined project ideas.
• Support Identification of outline path to realisation of new innovation opportunities with opportunity size, risk profile and investment required outlined to allow decision making and prioritisation of opportunity areas to progress.
• Working with Key partners such as Disruptive Innovation Manager Connected and members of the Connected lab to realise connected innovation opportunities.

Key challenges:
• Ensuring a focus on the short term "tomorrow” rather than long term "future” – maximising short term wins while still creating opportunities that "ladder up” to longer term opportunities.
• Challenging paradigms within the business to facilitate consideration of disruptive approaches.
• Balancing commercial needs with leadership demands, which sometimes conflict
• Developing the portfolio management way of working with new PM team
• Working in a matrix – cultural change required in RB

Skills & experience required:
• Experience across the key R&D matrix functions, particularly the category functions, – from conception to launch
• Experience in working with the R&D matrix teams to establish route to market including generation of commercial, supply, regulatory and where applicable clinical strategies.
• Experience of working with a diverse range of product classifications and ideally regulatory borderline products (General products, Cosmetics, Medical Devices)
• Experience in new ways of working and new ways of innovating
• An understanding of the R&D development process within hygiene and the key challenges and hurdles to be overcome in delivery of product to market.
• Creative and open attitude, especially to new partners, with a delivery and action focus.
• Ability to influence key stakeholders e.g. R&D Management
• Experience/Ability to deal with ambiguity and create clarity for decision making when a diverse range of options are availible.
• Experience in planning, priority setting and management of projects across a multi-functional teams essential.

• Support delivery of the development of the Hygiene team
• This a delivery role/ take initiate and put things into action
• New opportunities and qualifying Client with an understanding of how to bring it to market in hygiene
• Work on projects in the pipeline
• Present to the decision makers of various projects
•Report directly to manager, but works with directors as well

• Bachelors or Masters Degree in a scientific field of study
• Associate or Sr. Associate Level with 2-3+ years' experience
• Well organized and able to manage work
• Scientific background and understand the science
• Experience working in R&D
• Ability to work well with a team
• Work in Agile environment
• Working with third parties
• Go-getter mind set
• Passion for innovation and creativity