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Associate Transit Management Analyst
Ref No.: 18-16339
Location: New York, New York
Job Description: Conduct review of capital projects in all phases of the project life cycle (predesign through closeout phases).
•            Will review projects across Program Areas to ensure that the station environment's finish and appearance are not impacted using the Station Planning and Design Guidelines and the DG254 Minimum Visual Impact Design Guidelines.
•            Will participate during the design phase of electrical, architectural, plumbing, HVAC, communication and signal projects reviewing drawings and surveying the proposed work with existing site conditions.  Extensive field work.
•            Will provide guidelines to aid designers, operating departments, maintainers and contractors to obtain a Minimal Visual Impact resulting from working in the public areas of the stations.
•            Will review shop drawings during the construction phase, and will survey any proposed deviation from the contract documents.
•            Will represent the Program Coordination / Station Clearinghouse in design and construction progress meetings to ensure adherence to the Design Guidelines and agreements during field surveys.
•            Will be responsible for logging and filing the project's documentation.
Education Requirement: A Master's degree/Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Architecture, or related field
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: Experience Requirements: Two (2) years minimum experience with Master's or Three (3) years minimum experience with Bachelor's

Special Skills/Training Requirements:
•            Basic knowledge of NYCT transportation operations
•            Detail oriented with strong organizational and analytic skills
•            Strong verbal and written communication skills
•            Ability to interact effectively with all levels of staff and management, internal/ external 14.       

Other Work Requirements:  
•      The Consultant shall take and pass a NYCT Track Training prior to participating in work on or near the wayside.
•      The Consultant shall provide and wear safety shoes (at no cost to NYCT) which meets NYCT guidelines and specifications when participating in any activities located on the track or wayside.
•      30 OSHA-certification is required before participating in any activities located on the track or wayside. 
Hours: Normal Work Week:  Monday through Friday (with occasional nights and weekends)
No. of Paid Hours Per Week:  40 hours(NYCT does not pay for lunch hours.)
Hours of Work:  8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Technical or Administrative functions: 85% Technical, 15% Administrative Field or Office locations: 80% Field Locations, 20% Office Location
  • Right-of-Way access is required.
Other Information: Duration of Service Required:  52 Weeks