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Bus Process Analyst, Assoc
Ref No.: 18-15243
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
ROLE: Business Process Analyst
SUMMARY: The Business Process Analyst will provide planning and analysis support service, communications support service, and financial management support service.
  1. Handling travel arrangements.
  2. Meeting coordination i.e. scheduling of conference/virtual teleconference calls, equipment, and room setup.
  3. Assist with records management inventory and maintenance of shared drives.
  4. Preparation of briefing and correspondence packages.
  5. Maintenance of official records.
  6. Control inventory of office supplies.
  7. Oversee office facility needs such as copier repairs.
  8. Greet guests and handle incoming calls to central office phone. 
  1. Conduct research and coordination on actions and issues identified by AHR
  2. Participate in the development, maintenance and management of Standardized Operational Procedure (SOP) documents
  3. Support security monitoring, access control, mail distribution and other communication media distribution
  4. Provide recommendations, resolutions, and updates to office records, databases, and files for assigned programs
  5. Develop, prepare, and coordinate with AHR on program related correspondence, upon FAA approval
  6. Use the FAA's Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN) based on SharePoint to support the tracking/recordkeeping system for the maintenance of confidential files, presentations, and other similar documents
  7. Research, interpret, and accurately apply written procedures and regulations or policies pertaining to travel, time, attendance, and other administrative programs
  8. Provide resources and support for conferences, workshops, and technical meetings through the development of presentations, agendas, minutes, and technical notes
  9. Design and prepare briefings and special presentations, and prepare customized or special graphics, reports, charts, and media to enhance the effectiveness of communications regarding the AHR mission for FAA approval
  10. Prepare support materials and briefing books for FAA approval
  11. Facilitate AHR activities, including coordinating and attending meetings, preparing minutes, memos and reports
  12. Develop, originate, maintain and manage SOP libraries or depositories
  13. Provide strategic AHR communications planning and development, including print and digital content, together with designing, writing, producing, and distributing communications materials
  14. Maintain accuracy and timeliness of programmatic web pages and electronic communications and provide support and deployment of HR online material and training.
  15. Demonstrate various features of FAA online communications sites through regular interactions with FAA managers
  16. Provide support in promoting cooperative relationships between FAA AHR, other offices and staff, and the public, including preparing draft newsletters, memos, press releases, presentations, and other documentation conveying important information to FAA internal and external stakeholders
  17. Support the control of information outputs and handle incoming requests for information
  18. Support AHR's efforts to develop and execute a communications strategy that is consistent with and reflective of the FAA's strategic vision
  19. Draft and refine core messages, measure and present results of communication efforts, and adjust the communication plan, as needed
  20. Recommend information that should be presented to employees, including time releases to organization events or initiatives, and support recommendations with research and experience
  21. Assist in the performance of analysis and provide administrative support in preparation of budget items and participate in Office's annual calls for estimates and budget submission, support external financial information requests
  22. Assist in the preparation of inputs to the FAA Office of Budget - track budget authorizations, commitments, obligations and remaining available balances at headquarters
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent w/ 7+ years experience of experience supporting senior executives (BA/BS Degree can reduce required experience to 3+ yrs)
  • A veteran or person with prior military experience who has an understanding of DOD protocol is HIGHLY PREFERRED (Sr. Executive to be supported is a retired U.S. Navy Admiral)
  • Highly Proactive Individual with ability to anticipate needs and take action.
  • Strong Administrative and Clerical Skills
  • Strong Time Management Skills with the ability to prioritize tasks and assignments.
  • High Level communications skills both verbal and written.
  • Previous experience with the FAA's Knowledge Sharing Network (KSN) based on SharePoint Desirable
  • Strong experience Microsoft Office Suite