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Chemical Operator
Ref No.: 18-13825
Location: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Hours: 6PM - 6AM
Work days: 3:1:3

Chemical Operator Description

Supervisor:     Lead Operator or Supervisor if a Lead Operator is not assigned to a shift.
Basic Function: Performs a variety of production functions in the daily operation of the chemical manufacturing plant on a designated shift.
Candidates should be organized, maintain a clean work environment and show good communication skills to ensure timely, accurate and safe completion of all production operations during the assigned shift.
Candidates should be able to perform production operations in a natural flavor chemical plant.  All aspects of fermentation from flask preparation and inoculation to production tank sterilization, inoculation, monitoring and termination must be displayed.   A candidate must also have knowledge of recovery operations to include centrifugation, solvent extraction and recovery, batch distillations and reactions. 
Candidates should be able to analyze and interpret results for in process samples using analytical instruments such as GC/HPLC and associated Client ChemStation software, Karl-Fischer, spectrophotometer, pH meter, analytical scale and microscope.
Candidates should have sanitation experience to include following GMP guidelines.
Candidates must take ownership of their own training and work with their lead person or supervisor to ensure full knowledge of the building and its operations within 1 year.  A need to understand and follow Standard Operating Procedures is a must.
A good safety record to include training and proper use of equipment and PPE is a must.
Candidates must be able and willing to work as part of a team or as an individual to solve problems.  Good communication between production, QC and Maintenance must be displayed at all times.
Associate degree in science desired, but not required.
2- 5 years experience in fermentation/chemical plants.
Ability to wear a respirator for an average of 30 minutes per 12 hour shift
Operate a fork truck for an average of 1 hour per 12-hour shift
Move 15-gallon drums with cart (max 200 lbs./drum) for 1 hour per 12-hour shift
Move 55-gallon drums with cart (max 700 lbs./drum) for 1 hour per 12-hour shift
Lift 50-60 lbs. bags/containers for 2 hours per 12-hour shift