Previous Job
Field Technician
Ref No.: 18-11562
Location: Long Island City, New York
1- Post ads and taxi tops in a timely and professional manner by working flexible hours with the help of team members (Potential schedules 2am to 10:30 am, 9 am to 5:30 am, 10 am to 6:30 pm, 3pm to 11 pm - these shifts are predetermined 2-3 weeks in advance and are on a rotating basis)
2- Ensure that all posters are completed in an accurate and timely manner with the needed POP materials and photos are then forwarded to the appropriate supervisor
3- Work with the Sales division and clients when directed to ensures that campaigns are completed as directed in a timely and professional manner
4- Ensure that all taxis under lease are equipment with the appropriate equipment and that equipment is in proper operating condition. {LIGHTING}
5- While working be aware of irregularities and issues that can affect the operation of the market
6- Ensure that you have sufficient equipment and material on a daily basis to accomplish your job and team members are fully prepared each and everyday
7- Performing duties in a professional, efficient and accurate manner.
9- Be able to perform all posting and installation (including Top and Canopies) duties in a flexible manner within the Division and assist other Operations employees in the proper techniques in installing advertising display, maintain the displays and posting advertising poster on those display as well as performing other duties to ensure completion of the advertising campaign.
10- Maintain work station area, keeping company property cleaned at all times, trucks, locker room and facility
11-Securing all company issued tools and being held responsible for any damages caused by misuse
12- Ensure that all information effecting the business are forwarded to the appropriate supervisory level.
13- Comply with all company policy and provide an overall positive image of the advertising product for the company.
14. Provide support and proper training for team members when needed
15. Maintain contractual obligations and fleet realations, be aware of changes or any down sides
16. be able to lock in and negotiate the best rate possible and receive proper approvals before executing.
17. Keeping market expenses to minimal as possible. No unnecessary expenses unless you receive supervisory approval.
***1 of the 2 openings requires driving & that worker must have Andrioid capable phone to use inventory control app (not available with Apple) - we will reimburse a $55 per month fee***