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DH-WS Field Engineer WPS
Ref No.: 18-04532
Location: Midland, Texas

Minimum 1 year frac Field Engineer experience REQUIRED

Salary starting at $60,000, with potential for higher based on experience.

Job Summary:
The WS General Field Engineer
- WPS plans, designs, executes and evaluates services to its Clients to provide flawless Service Quality and ensure compliance to all WS and OFS Standards.
Conducts audits and inspections, and mentors the junior population through their career path.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:
- Complies with all Company & Regulatory HS&E & Quality and IT standards and policies.
Wears all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required & maintains required HS&E & SQ certifications up-to-date.
- Executes successful jobs as per the design provided and approved by the Client. Recognizes risks associated with the operation, and reduces these risks to as low as reasonably possible. Identifies any potential unplanned changes to the job program at the well site, and initiates the district's Management of Change procedure(s). Ensures that all Well Services Personnel and contractors at the work site are in compliance with WS Safety Standards and other, relevant standards. Ensures that all personnel assigned are competent to drive and/or operate their assigned equipment. Is accountable for the complete Service Delivery to the client.
- Designs and Evaluates Technically advanced jobs and assists other peer reviews.

Executes Critical and New Technology Jobs in addition to the standard job.
- Assists DTE / GMTE in Technical programs and bids.
- Develops Client contacts and promotes company Products and Services.
- Performs CAT Audits, Self Assessments, and conducts Wellsite Inspections to ensure compliance with KSQR.
- Mentors and coaches less experienced people at location.
- Leads Service Quality Meetings with Clients and works on action plans to improve performance.
- Prepares Job Descriptions and SOPs for assigned people.
- Participates in the District HS&E & Quality initiatives and programs (e.g. SOIM's, Risk Assessments, Quality Improvements, Emergency Response Plan, HSE and SQ Objectives, LPT and SQC).
- Performs Risk Analysis (e.g. HARC, JSA) before each job or task and identifies & addresses potential safety hazards.

Corrects and report hazards immediately in QUEST or to Supervisor.
- Stands in for FSMs during vacations etc. and gets involved in the financial side of the business.
- All other duties as assigned by Manager.

Skills: - Adaptability
- Communication
- Verbal & Written
- Leadership
- Team work- Initiative Education

Requirements: Education:
- Bachelor of Engineering or related Science
- Minimum 3 yrs experience

Knowledge & Skills:- Completion of FE2 modules- Completion of GFE project.

B.S. in related engineering discipline