Previous Job
Telecommunications Associate (Data) Level IV
Ref No.: 18-02821
Location: New York, New York
Job Description: Project Description: W-32784 ISlM-B Module 1, is to deliver the complete set signal data for
subdivision-S to the Rail Control Center (RCC). This data will originate at 26 locations and
will use redundant fiber and wireless technology to arrive at the SONET entry point. Once this
data is available in the RCC a Train Positioning Monitoring System will process and present
this information to users in the Operating Theater.

Description of Work: The consultant shall provide engineering support services and/or
constuction support services for various Signals and Train Control contracts.
The work shall include, but is not limited to the following activities:
Provide inspection services for the work related to signal modernized construction
under the direction of the Construction Manager or designee.
Oversee implementation and maintenance of complex telecommunication networks
and projects.
Perform analyticaL technical, administrative, supervisory. and/or related data
telecommunication tasks necessary for the installation. testing operation. evaluation,
modification and usage control of data telecommunication systems, equipment and
Complete daily reports of the contractor/field activities and compliance to contract
Monitor compliance of all safety and quality requirements based on NYCT standards
and the contract requirements.
• Conduct field surveys/meetings and prepare reports.
• Perform the duties of the "'Engineer in Charge' of Bulletins and General Orders;
coordinate set-up of flagging, work train and other related services.
• Review and comment on shop drawings submittals for all equipment furnished and
installed under the Project to ensure that the installation conforms to NYCT standards
and approved drawings.
• Review contractor submittals for Additional Work Orders (AWO). Review
specifications and drawings, perform field survey and validate AWO requirements.
• Attend and participate in project progress meetings.
• Prepare responses to Requests for Information (RFI) including processing on
• The Consultants shall become familiar with New York City Transit Guidelines and
Procedures as applicable.
• The Consultant shall provide safety shoes, at no cost to NYCT, which must meet
NYCT guidelines and specifications when performing field assignment.
Education Requirement: A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college including or supplemented by 24
semester credits in data telecommunications/networking or in a pertinent scientific,
technical, electronic or related area and one year of satisfactory full-time experience in
the performance of analytical, planning, operational, technical. and/or administrative
duties in a data telecommunications or closely-related electronics planning, electronics
management. and/or electronics service environment.
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: Two years of full time experience as follows:
1) As a Telecommunications Associate (Data) - Assignment Levels I. II, and III
working for the City ofNew York; or ~
2) Performing analytical. planning, operational, technical, and/or administrative
duties in a data telecommunications, electronics planning, electronics management,
and/or electronics service environment, one year of which must have been specialized
work in a consultative or supervisory capacity.
Experience Requirements: I
• Shall include. (deploying network components, testing them both in the field and at the
factory. Familiarity with codes pertaining to electrical and communication cables and
interfaces. :
• After graduation. at least 5 years of experience in either product development or
network deployment and testing.
• Ability to read drawings, update drawings using CADD and familiarity with
electrical, communication and signal symbols and interconnections.

Special Skills/Training Requirements:
• One day NYC Transit Track Safety Training Course (to be provided by NYCT) is
required prior to participating in work on or near the wayside. The qualification must
be maintained for the duration of this assignment. '
• The consultant shall provide certification of the 30-hour OSHA training from an
authorized provider accepted by NYCT (required for all personnel) .and submit a
course completion certificate prior to being hired.
• Respirator Qualified (required at some work sites), and certifications updated yearly
at no cost to NYCT. Based on work site requirements, clearance to wear a negative
pressure half-face respirator will be needed as well. (The prospective consultant shall
be informed if this qualification is required for the position).
Hours: Normal Work Week: 5 days a week. from Monday- Friday (may vary- including weekends,
week night or week day shift based on project needs)
No. of Paid Hours Per Week: 40 hours (OT required based on project needs)
Hours of Work: 8:00am- 5:00pm (starting time may vary including days, nights and
Other Information: Duration of Service Required: 26 Weeks
Work Location: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn or the Bronx
Reports To: Construction Manager