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Maintenance Mechanic
Ref No.: 17-16686
Location: Midland TX 79703 United States 1565, Texas
8:00am to 5:00pm

Job Title: Maintenance Mechanic

Wireline Job Description: Mechanic Maintenance Technician

Job Summary
Superior Service Quality is essential for our continued success as a Wireline Service Company. The need to supply our clients with high levels of Service Quality can only be achieved with well-maintained and reliable equipment.
The Mechanic Maintenance Technician has the principal responsibility for ensuring that their assigned equipment, both for maintenance and repair, is maintained to the highest standards and according to the latest specifications and RITE.
He/she is aware of the potential risks associated with such maintenance and works in a safe, orderly and efficient manner.
The Mechanic Maintenance Technician accurately reports completed maintenance and failure occurrences in RITEWIN.
The Mechanic Maintenance Technician shares knowledge and ideas within the location and the Wireline technical community through the submission of Lessons Learned, Best Practices, Sustaining Requests, etc.
The Mechanic Maintenance Technician reports directly to the Mechanics Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor or Maintenance Manager

A) People and Training
Fully participates in Ilearn and ensures his/her training is on schedule and accurately recorded.
Learns, through organized seminars and personal study, the operational and technical characteristics of Wireline mechanical equipment.
Keeps current with new Wireline mechanical equipment and maintenance methods.
Promotes the importance of Service Quality within the maintenance community
Understands and complies with rules and regulations.
Assists in the development and coaching of less senior Mechanic Technicians.
Assists Field Engineers with the Mechanic maintenance sections of their PEPTEC training.
Maintains close communication with supervisors and Field Engineers.

B) Equipment and Processes
Ensures all assigned equipment is continually maintained at the highest standards, resulting in proper functionality and minimum failures.
Performs Q-checks strictly, as per procedure, and according to the defined Schedule and following guidelines of WL Standard 8.
Modifies equipment in a timely manner and only in line with official modification releases.
Efficiently troubleshoots and repairs assigned equipment.
If required, repairs equipment at the wellsite.
Participates in Root Cause Analysis of failures.
Proficient in the use of RITEWIN and InTouch.
Records all maintenance and failure events immediately and accurately in RITEWIN including working hours of the equipment.
Uses RITEWIN to drive their workflow and ensures data entry is accurate and timely. Submits SRs, as needed.
Understands and helps drive the World Wide Service Quality Plan within the location.
Actively uses InTouchSupport both for technical solutions and for knowledge sharing.
Ensures that maintenance records are always exported and imported with equipment transfers.
Reports honestly and accurately at all times
Promotes the move to new technology, standardization and timely replacement of old technology.
Makes recommendations to supervisors on requirements for spare parts, test equipment and tools necessary for efficient maintenance.

**The $26/hr is for an experienced Mechanic Technician that has been in the Oilfield industry for an extensive amount of time. The hourly rate will start at $21/hr for those with minimal experience. 

Promotes a culture of safety awareness within the maintenance community. 
Ensures his/her work areas are safe, clean and orderly at all times. 
Keeps Maintenance Manuals and other confidential documents secure and in good order. 
Follows the company policies and procedures on health, safety and environment. 
Supports Management efforts to minimize general and REW-specific QHSE risks and promotes respect, understanding and adherence to safety regulations. 
Conducts unsafe act and hazardous situation audits / identification. 
Uses QUEST to report RIR and for follow up on action items. 
Continuously strives to optimize the safety and efficiency of maintenance procedures. 
Dresses neatly and in a manner 

The Mechanic Maintenance Technician is a critical support position that can have a significant impact on 
the Service Quality of the location. Apart from the required educational background, the Mechanic 
Maintenance Technician must have the ability to formulate complex thought processes necessary for 
efficient troubleshooting of advanced mechanical equipment. Computer literacy is a requirement. 
This position requires non-technical skills, in particular the ability to communicate clearly with superiors 
and engineers. Candidates should be able to communicate in both written and spoken English. 
The candidate’s knowledge, personality and drive must gain the respect of the other maintenance staff 
and the support of the Operations Area. 
Back ground minimum requirements 
1 Electro-mechanic Technician/ Industrial Maintenance Technician/ Mecatronic Technician, 2.5 or 
3 years degree 
Minimum 3 years on preventive/corrective maintenance preferable on lifting equipment, earth moving 
equipment, Industrial equipment. 
Special knowledge and abilities: English Level intermediate.