Ref No.: 17-10188
Location: Midland, Texas
Job Title: Gun Loader

"Job Summary: The Gun Loader has the principal responsibility for loading the Guns, keeping up to date the explosive inventory control list, ordering explosives and ensuring that the Perforation Equipment like GUN adapters, consumables and related equipment is maintained to the highest standards and according to the latest specifications and RITE. He/she is aware of the potential risks associated with such maintenance and works in a safe, orderly and efficient manner. Essential Responsibilities and Duties: People & Training- Learns, through organized seminars and personal study, the operational and technical characteristics of the Perforating Equipment and keeps current with new Perfo and Gun Loading updates.- Promotes the importance of Service Quality.- Assists in the development and coaching of less senior Gun loaders and Operators.- Assists Field Engineers and Field Specialists with the Gun maintenance sections of their program training.- Conducts training session to reflect new techniques in maintenance, loading operations, and technical alerts related to Gun loading and related to that. Process & Equipment- Ensures all assigned equipment is continually maintained at the highest standards, resulting in proper functionality and minimum failures.- Performs quality checks strictly, as per procedure, and according to the defined schedule.- Modifies equipment in a timely manner and only in line with official modification releases.- Efficiently troubleshoots and repairs assigned equipment.- Participates in Root Cause Analysis of failures.- Actively uses InTouch Support both for technical solutions and for knowledge sharing.- Records all maintenance and failure events immediately and accurately in RITE if applicable.- Uses RITE to drive their workflow and ensures data entry is accurate and timely.- Understands and helps drive the World Wide Service Quality Plan within the location.- Ensures that maintenance records are always exported and imported with equipment transfers.- Reports honestly and accurately at all times.- Promotes the move to new technology, standardization and timely replacement of old technology.- Continuous updating of explosive inventory control system and ordering explosives based on upcoming operation activity.Quality & HSE- Promotes a culture of safety awareness.- Ensures his/her work areas are safe, clean and orderly at all times.- Follows the company policies and procedures on health, safety and environment.- Supports Management efforts to minimize general and specific Quality and HSE risks and promotes respect, understanding and adherence to safety regulations.- Conducts unsafe act and hazardous situation audits / identification.- Uses QUEST to report RIR and for follow up on action items.- Maintains strict confidentiality of Schlumberger and client information.- Understands and actively applies the SLB LTI/AA Prevention Plan.- Understands and complies with Schlumberger's rules and local regulations.”