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Abinitio Architect
Ref No.: 16-01413
Location: Tampa, Florida
Position Type:Direct Placement
1)      Operational skills
a.       Ability to investigate issues from Control Center, and take the task psets and execute them from GDE, and do root-cause analysis independently
b.      Excellent code debugging skills based on GDE flow watcher, breakpointing across complex XFR transforms
c.       Strong Ab Initio parameter environment knowledge
d.      Strong Conduct>It knowledge
e.      Strong Unix shell scripting background
f.        Basic ability to debug continuous graphs
g.       Basic ability on Data flow visualization from lineage perspective
h.      Ability to debug complex PDL metaprograms
2)      Other skills
a.       Ability to work as a team under complicated and dynamic environments
b.      Ability to listen, comprehend and visualize problem statements and come up with fix/solutions.
c.       Ability to work beyond normal working hours and sometimes on weekends