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Product Owner
Ref No.: 20-00124
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Position Type:Direct Placement
  • Product Owners are the people who work with product management and business to get the requirement at a high level and they work on the other side with the engineering team / Scrum Team the QA & Developer to convert those requirements into the user stories and features. And work engineering team to ensure that those requirements are delivered. So they are bridge between business and engineering team.
  • Its technical role and Product Owner should know what is Agile, what is APAC ….  How to break it down into user stories, features, acceptance criteria,  a grammar of a user story, demo, backlog refinement, sprints, technical deck. They should have extensive work experience with the engineering team.
  • People who are working as Product Owner title but doing Project management or client facing role (Companies like Shell) these profiles will not work. This is a engineering role, having said that we are not looking for core technical people with coding skills like Dot Net, Angular etc., but they should be able to understand technologies since they will be working with the engineering team. They should be able to understand and write database queries perform functions like pick up the data from the database and validate there own user stories. This is a hands own lead role with the expectation of individual contributor.
  • Communication with this role should be very good because this role will be interacting with accounts, clients, engineering team and business. Assertive they have done this role in past.
  • Some of the organization where we see good PO (Product Owners) are like Philips, not all are good there but some are really good. Also Walmart, Intuit. McKinsey & Company, Target, Nissan, Volvo, Airbus, Boeing etc.
  • Technology for Product Owner – Good to have Big Data  / We are moreover looking into a Product Owner skills which more likely about Product Life Cycle,  User Stories, Product backlogs. Also having idea about product releases Back end, Front End, Data and ETL etc., that's secondary if they other core PO skills. 
  • Preferable to have prior experience with enterprise product development in MS technologies like .Net, MVC, Angular JS, Web APIs, database. Having said that ETL and BI are not totally ruled-out. But the chances of being succeeded in the assessment will be little dice because all these PO are given different scenario's like you have create website.… how you want go about it…hence if they have done only BI they may be able to process that or clear round, its 50 -50 chances.
  • It's a completely a IC role and any lead roles for the Auto team will be an IC role and they will be coaching and mentoring the team but not like people management skills required for the PO Lead role, its kind of good to have.  
  • Don't hang-up on current title of the candidates if their experience matches with the skills we are looking for ..? we can consider them.
  • We don't want anyone beyond lead for this role and Product Managers profiles will not work.
  • Adding it altogether again unless and until these candidates are from good experience and background they will not be able to clear the assessment and this assessment will be done by the Stakeholder in India and US, so it won't be a question of force fitting the candidates just because we want to close the position. Hence they really have to prove themselves and therefore watch out for the candidates who have good background and pedigree.