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Power Management IC Design
Ref No.: 17-03350
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Job Description:
  1. Design analog mixed signal power ICs for automotive and power management applications that may include system definition, IC architecture, circuit design, simulation and layout. All aspects require good engineering skills together with analysis, creativity, collaboration and customer interaction.
  2. Expertise in Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost topologies.
  3. Expertise in multiphase buck topology.
  4. The Candidate is responsible for translating a specification into an elegant, robust, cost effective solution.
  5. Must have strong expertise in analog design, control theory, device physics and be capable of applying these to original and Client techniques that create innovative solutions.
  6. Transistor level circuit design: Mixed signal IC top level architecture design, circuit concept and topology selection, device sizing, pre- and post-layout circuit simulation, design reviews and documentation, analog layout guidance, and other cell design activities.