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Lab Technician (0-3 years)
Ref No.: 17-02165
Location: Winslow, Maine
Responsible for the handling and preparation of samples for testing. Maintaining and documenting accurate records. Assisting with the verification and reporting of test results.

The Laboratory Technician performs general laboratory functions which include, but are not limited to the following areas:
  1. killed virus inoculation and harvest;
  2. egg traying, candling;
  3. preparation for and clean up after all production operations; and
  4. washing, wrapping and sterilizing glassware and equipment.
  • Understands and practices good aseptic technique and biosecurity measures.
  • Is able to perform routine, repetitive tasks without guidance.
  • Performs duties according to established SOP's and company safety procedures.
  • Completes basic paperwork with minimal errors and follows proper review protocol.
  • Clean up and Prep work –includes, but is not limited to, the following: washing, wrapping and sterilizing of glassware and laboratory equipment; loading/unloading autoclaves; washing ceilings, walls, floors, furniture, fixtures and equipment; wrapping and traying of both emulsion and live virus bottles and vials.
  • Egg handling, which may include receiving, traying, candling, and disposal.
  • Virus (killed and live) production, including assistance with room and equipment preparation, setup, inoculation, harvest, antigen processing, filling and clean up.
  • Occasional weekend and off-hour work may be required.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Additional Duties may include:
  • Bacteriology – assists in preparation of media and growth, harvest, processing, and inactivation of antigen.
  • Tissue culture – assists in preparation of lab, kitchen work, dispensing, and harvesting of antigen.
  • Emulsion – assist in the preparation, cleaning, mixing, emulsifying of killed antigen formulations
High School Diploma or equivalent required.  Associates Degree and previous exposure to aseptic technique and/or other lab sciences preferred.  Speed and accuracy of fine hand manipulation and good eye-hand coordination required. Must be an effective member of a team and be able to follow written and oral instructions.  Must possess proven math skills as well as oral and written communication. 

Must Have
Education Level
Associate Degree *

Field of Study
Science - any *