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Interconnect Electrical Validation Design Engineer
Ref No.: 17-11821
Location: Cupertino, California
Client is currently seeking an Interconnect Electrical Engineer with world-class expertise in the field of electrical interconnects. Candidate will work with various electrical and mechanical engineers in selecting connectors for various interfaces. The primary responsibility will be to understand the requirements (EE/ME/EMI/EMC etc) and be responsible in selecting connectors from various vendors and also help with designing in-house solutions. Responsibilities also include investigating upcoming connector and cable technologies and incorporating them in the products where possible. Candidate will also characterize and make appropriate adjustments for interconnect performance under electrical, environmental, mechanical stresses. The candidate will work closely with manufacturers and quality teams in helping them qualify the connectors.
Essential Requirements:
* MSEE or BSEE with 3-5 years of experience in Electrical Interconnect Engineering. Experience in EE validation is preferred.
* Candidate should have strong theoretical knowledge and hands-on capability in the area of connectors and cable assemblies.
* Knowledge of industry specs - USB/Ethernet is preferred. HV interconnect knowledge is required.
* Proficiency in predicting electrical integrity (high-speed, DC power, radiation etc ) of interconnects and validating the test results with modeling.
* Ability to provide connector solutions for various interconnect technologies and purposes - high data rate, power, high density, B2B, B2Wire etc.,
* Ability to compare and present multiple interconnect solutions to the team and picking the most appropriate one.
* Should work closely with vendors (internal and external) and give EE design input.
• Experience interpreting electrical specifications and write detailed test plans that can be used internally and by vendors.
* Knowledge of power integrity measurements and power transmission over connectors and cable assemblies.
* Ability to support testing, failure analysis and corrective actions.
* Ability to perform individually with minimum guidance in a fast paced environment.
* Lab instruments and measurements including
- Power supplies, Multimeters, Batteries, Power meters, Electronic load (e.g. Temperature rise, resistance, power dissipated etc)
- VNA/TDR/ENA (e.g. insertion loss, return loss, crosstalk, etc)
• Simulation and programing tools
- Ansys HFSS for High Speed, Q3D for Temperature analysis etc,
- MATLAB, Python for scripting/ test automation.
Preferred Requirements:
* Ability to write scripts (Python, Matab, etc) to automate tests (measure resistance, temperature, etc).
* Ability to write scripts (Python, Matab, etc) to post process test data and generate detailed reports.
* Experience with cable assembly (connector/raw cable/termination process/crimping) design and manufacture.