Metallography lab Technicians
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Metallography lab Technicians
Ref No.: 18-11951
Location: Troy, Michigan
Metallography lab technicians conduct physical testing to root cause an issue or to generate
data for customers.
They are experienced in steel making, lab procedures, testing methods, and equipment related to metallography.

A qualified candidate will be:
Proficient in lab procedures
Proficient in root cause for customer & manufacturing issues
Proficient in operating a Scanning electron microscope
Proficient in operating an optical microscope
Proficient in operating the micro-hardness equipment
Proficient in polishing equipment & techniques
Proficient in prepping material samples & securing specimens
Proficient in lab maintenance protocols
Proficient in interpretation of findings based on background and experience
Proficient in compiling data & information for reports
Proficient in steel theory & process (steel making background)
Proficient in operation of all other small lab tools/fixtures and proceduresTECHNICAL SKILLS


Sample sectioning of submitted flat or formed parts.
Microhardness Testing, weld HAZ profile.
Chemical removal of coatings and paint.
Coating Weight Determination, Weigh-Strip-Weigh or X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF).
%Fe in coating determination (wet chem.)
Metallographic sample mounting, polishing.
Grain Size Determination.
Etching to characterize micro structure and imperfections.
Optical Metallograph's for examination and imaging.