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Project Manager
Ref No.: 18-00011
Location: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Start Date: 04/23/2018
The Project Manager will be responsible for projects made up of cross functional teams, focused on meeting project requirements, including communications with sponsors, stakeholders and team members. Majority of time will be spent on project management responsibilities.  The Project manager will lead the planning, design, testing, and implementation of multifaceted projects for systems that affect organization-wide or single department users.
  • Lead planning and/or implementation of projects. May participate in the design and/or testing phases.
  • Facilitate the definition of project goals, requirements, tasks, and resources; assist in the resolution of conflicts within and between project deliverables and/or functional areas; develop status report to monitor project progress and provide corrective direction if necessary.
  • Assist to manage project budget and resource availability.
  • Facilitate the definition of business requirements.
  • Interact regularly with functional areas and team members to determine needs and to help develop plans for improving delivery.
  • Follow a defined project management methodology.
  • Present verbal and electronic outputs defining project plans, action items, issues, decisions and resolutions to project team and appropriate levels of management.
  • Minimum of 6 years IT or business-related experience with 5-7 years of experience in this position along with experience on 5+ major enterprise projects.
  • Excellent understanding of information technology concepts and processes.
  • Aptitude for effective leadership of team members.
  • Demonstrated understanding of project phases, techniques and tools:
    • Initiate
    • Planning: definition/scope/requirements
    • Execution; workplans, resources, deliverables, testing, training, implementation, etc.
    • Close: completion and assessment
  • Understanding of technology and operations functions in the Banking and Financial Industry.
  • Recognizes problems or situations that are new or without clear precedent. Escalates and evaluates alternatives and finds solutions using an organized approach.
  • Develops improvements and enhance project performance
  • Pro-actively engages present and future stakeholders in design, priority setting, and implementation.
  • Builds partnerships among the various stakeholders.
  • Creates a sense of belonging and ownership among team members; coaches and motivates team members; delegates responsibility; promotes mutual support and interaction.
  • Consults and provides advice, facilitates discussion, and resolves conflict; establishes trust; builds and uses cross-functional relationships to accomplish work objectives.
  • Conveys goals and objectives clearly and in a compelling manner; listens effectively and clarifies information as needed; interprets verbal and non-verbal messages that others communicate; produces clear status reports; communicates tactfully and candidly.
  • Ensures that project status, issues and successes are communicated to project team, stakeholders, sponsors, steering committee, and all levels of management and documented appropriately.
  • Identifies common themes, makes inferences, and draws conclusions.
  • Ensures open communication on the project team.
  • Addresses delicate situations and handles conflicts in such a way as to maximize opportunity and minimize exposure to risk.
  • Understands how and when to make a choice; how and when to escalate issues to higher levels. Analyzes the risks and future impact of decisions. Makes decisions and takes timely independent action in pursuit of priorities.
  • Understands and effectively uses established policies and procedures.
  • Undertakes continual adjustments with stakeholders in a persuasive manner, to keep the project on course.
  • Recognizes how corporate culture impacts the success of the project; knows how to use organization to achieve objectives.