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Android Engineer
Ref No.: 18-04666
Location: Penske, Pennsylvania
Start Date: 10/02/2018
Job title: Android Engineer
Location: Penske, PA
Duration: 07 Month(s)
  • Rewriting the client-facing mobile application. Both the native iOS and native Android version of our app is being rebuilt with a brand new UX design
  • Since development of Android Native app is done in Java, a strong Java experience is preferred.
  • Using Android Studio for the development .
  • We are building an Android pipeline using Bamboo, Fastlane and/or Microsoft App center(Hockey) .
  • Experience in both would be of course best but neither is mandatory.

  • A strong Android/Java background will be fine.
  • We are also bringing in Client Firebase for Crashalytics, A/B testing, remote config , etc. Experience with Firebase is a plus but not mandatory.
  • A Node.js / Javascript background could come handy and be used for the server-side API development.
  • No design experience is necessary for the position except working with UX designers for transitioning the work into implementation.