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RE: Urgent Hiring . SalesForce Admin . MO . No H1B
Ref No.: 18-03869
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Start Date: 09/11/2018
 Job Title :                     SalesForce Admin
Location :                     St. Louis, Missouri
Duration :                    3 months Contract
MOI:                             Phone + Skype
NO H1.
Some of the things client would like to have the admin helping them do…
1. Help them prepare to move from classic to lightning
2. De-dupe data.  Lots of leads, contacts and accounts that are duplicated and need to be merged, updated or removed. Identify easy ways to do this in the future without hours of looking at lines of code for duplication
3. Set up better workflows and triggers for sales team reminders, new lead / customer welcome letters, etc
4. Verify Hubspot / Salesforce connections – ensure Salesforce inclusion lists are set up properly and flowing correctly
5. Determine how to get individual bottle sales with doctor code to flow over to salesforce
a. Pull orders over to individual contact data
b. Tie orders to specific doctor code
c. DO NOT pull each contact under doctor
6. Help figure out how to have orders from parent and child accounts flow into ONE account location for all orders vs individual accounts that do not roll up together.