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US | Software Engineer-Developer / Software Engineer
Ref No.: 18-03478
Location: Tarrytown, New York
Start Date: 09/24/2018
Job Description: - PowerShell Engineers with WIX experience
Source code management (SCM) & DEVOPS team (Infrastructure Team) manages the entire continuous integration, continues development chain process of a global Engineering conglomerate.
Application is developed using Microsoft technology C#, C++, WPF, MVVM and custom control on Windows-7 platform. The backbone of the entire SCM is Microsoft TFS while the packaging strategy is utilizing MSI and WIX. The current build management is driven by customized XMAL with PowerShell usage. Now the plans are to move to VNEXT that provides flexibility as an orchestrator and allows better reporting, triggering and logging facility.
Keywords: - PowerShell, MSI, Windows Imaging WIX, TFS
Experience – 5 to 7 years of experience.
Expectations – The team is looking out for Engineers who can augment the current team and support on following tasks
• Experience in PowerShell is MUST
Ideal candidate should have developed/updated/modified programs using PowerShell.
Sample example scenarios but not limited to could be:-
o User access control to prevent installation of unauthorized software
o Modifying windows registry for scenarios like:-
Ensure Unauthorized accounts must not have the Debug programs user right
Prevent users from changing Windows installer options
Changing the application log file size
Configuring the Application event log to a minimum size requirement
Password is required on resume from sleep
The system is not configured to use Safe DLL search mode
The Windows Installer Always install with elevated privileges must be disabled
o Internet Information System (IIS) or its subcomponents must not be installed
o Windows Anytime Upgrade is not disabled
o McAfee Agent must be installed as a part of build and release package

• Experience in MSBuild using WIX is MUST
o Experience in creating MSBuild packages using WIX toolset such as WIX 3.10.4 or higher would be good

• Working knowledge in STIG process would be added advantage to ensure system could be transformed to be DIACAP compliant system
Soft Skills
• Good Team Player
• Good Written and verbal communication skills
• Customer facing experience would be added advantage

Duration- 6 months
Location- Tarrytown-NY – 3 positions