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FrontEnd Software Developer
Ref No.: 18-03455
Location: New York, New York
Start Date: 08/30/2018
Required Qualifications:
  • Replace existing UI frameworks, currently implemented in GWT, Angular, Django, Flutter, etc., with frontends written in Dart or TypeScript.
  • Migrating from one front end to another front end. Multiple projects. Working along with different teams to help migrate.
  • Developers only responsible for doing migration not collecting priorities/requirements.
  • Strong in Front End (Typescript)
  • Contractor will create and maintain detailed documentation of all systems, processes and contact information necessary for providing Contractor's consulting Services relating the migration work.
  • The code built by Contractor pursuant to these requirements will be executed on different environments including but not limited to: Borg and AppEngine.
  • Contractor will create automated unit and integration test cases for the Project Deliverables that are created pursuant to this requirements document.