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Reverse Engineer
Ref No.: 18-03430
Location: San Jose, California
Start Date: 09/10/2018
Primary Skills:
P2 - Application Security Assessment
P1 - Engineering Technical Support
P1 - Enterprise Security Operations
P0 - Malware Reverse Engineering

Top Responsibilities Responsible for providing intelligence analysis in order to identify threats Provide subject matter expertise to support various operations Identify credible new intelligence and subject matter resources relative to current/emerging threats as they relate to the use of information technology Required Skills BA/BS degree in an Engineering field or equivalent practical experience 3 years of relevant work experience including experience in reverse-engineering and code-level security auditing, as well as experience reading assembly and understanding of how to unpack obfuscated code. Assembly language Experience Experience with static and dynamic analysis of malicious binaries. Experience with JAVA Experience with security related data analysis. Familiarity with tools such as IDA Pro or OllyDbg.. Strong foundation in and in-depth technical knowledge of security engineering, computer and network security, authentication and security protocols