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Oracle GIS Administrator - Database Administrator
Ref No.: 18-02100
Location: San Diego, California
Start Date: 07/31/2018
Spatial Data Engineering Administrator:
  • Manage and Maintain ESRI Spatial Data
  • Support and understand ESRI Versioning, Compression and Reconciliation
  • Manage ESRI Replication
  • Demonstrable understanding of geometrical networks, relationship classes and spatial indexes.
  • Proficiency in ArcSDE configuration and upgrades
  • Resolve database performance issues as they relate to data distribution and replication
Daily tasks include:
A) Initial setup and configuration of new database:
  • Set DBTUNE for storage of data: lobs, rasters, longraws, tables
  • Configure the settings of internal GDB tables
  • Configure the settings of  internal ArcFM tables
  • Assign Roles to the Feature Data Set, Feature Classes, Table
  • Memory allocation for predicted workflow support.
B) Maintenance of existing database:
  • ArcSDE Compress, make sure it is running correctly and rows are moving to base tables
  • Manage Data Statistics
  • Monitor and Rebuild Indexes
  • Configure users and permission changes
  • Debug issues with performance
  • Debug issues where a -51 or -10 is returned to the client application.
  • Add system capacity or re-allocate memory to support a change in client side workflow.
Oracle DBA:
  • Expertise in Oracle 12c and newer RAC
  • Proficient in installing, patching and upgrading Oracle DBMS software
  • Demonstrable understanding of Oracle's ASM and ASO options
  • Solid skills in quickly diagnosing issues causing database performance bottlenecks or unplanned outages
  • Expertise in RMAN Backup / Recovery set-up
  • Demonstrable experience with Oracle's Grid Control (formerly Enterprise Manager)
  • Daily tasks include:
A) Production Support:
  • Conduct daily error checking and overall database health; ensure backups were successful
  • Be available on-call to respond to any database production support issues 24/7
  • Ensure Database Recoverability through continuous improvement of backup and restoration processes
  • Adhere to policies, procedures and controls as they pertain to change management, license compliance and information protection; provide guidance to Application Peers as needed
  • Support audit requests for information and / or testing of controls
  • Perform periodic maintenance of database to ensure sustainability and availability
  • Ensure the DBMS is at a reasonably proper patch set level
  • Ensure hardware capacity is adequate through rigorous capacity planning activities
B) Project and Development Support:
  •  Assist Application teams in delivering high-quality solutions on time and on-budget
  •  Provide guidance on IT DBA standards and Information Security policies around access privileges, data classification and protection, as well as separation of responsibilities
  •  Support application testing cycles and schema changes as needed to meet deadlines
  •  Provide expert SQL tuning advice to project team
  •  Add system capacity or re-allocate existing capacity to overcome project performance bottlenecks