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DevOps Engineer
Ref No.: 19-11283
Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
DevOps Engineer - Alpharetta, GA, Denver, Colorado Springs, Southern California
  • We are an internal-facing team tasked with architecting, deploying, and maintaining the infrastructure used by development teams throughout the organization. Part operations, part software, we are the future-facing students, teachers, consultants, and sysadmins of infrastructure engineering. We automate infrastructure, help with migrations to highly available solutions, and consult development teams on optimizing applications for Kubernetes.
  • Our guiding principles include security by design, infrastructure as code, assumption of failure, metrics, and open source solutions, and we take the time to review these principles on a regular basis. We choose our methodologies as a team, taking opportunities to learn (and share) something new or interesting along the way. We encourage curiosity and asking "why” when pursuing a new idea or goal, and we know that a good idea can come from anywhere.
  • We are mostly an operations team, which means our priorities are a mix of long-term solutions architecting, wrangling of production issues, some legacy application maintenance, and research into possible solutions from problems presented by the business. We would like to write more code and create tooling and automation to make it easier for our clients (internal development teams) to work in the infrastructure we create.

You are a software developer, build/QA engineer, or code-writing sysadmin with a strong interest in building new skills, learning and self-improvement, and bringing your whole self to work. You like to design, build, and iterate, sharing what you've done with others to teach, learn, and improve. You'd like to spend more time (like a day or two at a time) really focusing and getting work done on a single task instead of "multitasking” and putting out fires.
As part of the team, you'll work to find the most correct solution to a wide range of application builds and migrations, and you understand "lift and shift” or "just containerize it” isn't always the right answer. Additionally, in this role you would have the opportunity to spearhead the introduction of focused cloud database administration capability to the team. You'll want to be familiar with (or really interested in) some of the following technologies:
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • Go
  • Git
  • AWS
  • Cloud DB administration, particularly Cassandra
What you'll be responsible for
  • Design and write applications to manage, maintain, and deploy production systems
  • Develop deployment and automation tools for build systems
  • Consult development teams on new platforms (sizing container schedulers, certificate creation, baking-in high availability, etc.)
  • Participate in on-call rotation as needed
Additional technical skills you have or are interested in acquiring
  • Programming and enterprise software development, including architecture, design, writing, compilation, microservices, and client/server applications
  • Containerization (Docker) and orchestration (Kubernetes)
  • Creating highly available systems, testing frameworks, container host monitoring, automated TLS certificates, centralized logging
  • Continuous integration/Continuous delivery principles, pipelines, and services (Jenkins, Artifactory)
  • Cloud computing with Amazon AWS, Google Compute, or Azure, using Terraform
  • Scripting and programming languages (Go, Python, bash, and Java)
  • Configuration management systems (Puppet, Foreman, Ansible, Salt)
  • Reverse proxies, web servers, TLS configuration, and Let's Encrypt using nginx and Apache
  • Networking, including the TCP/IP stack, UDP, DNS
  • WebRTC backends for voice technologies and real-time audio, including SIP/RTP