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Agile Coach
Ref No.: 19-11259
Location: NYC, New Jersey


  • Provides expertise in lean and agile principles, serve as an agile coach in technical or business elements, provides mentorship and training to agile teams, and facilitates team sessions
  • Serves as an SME in detailed agile principles and frameworks for technical proposals and provides assistance in vetting staff for agile development engagements.
  • Drives customer solutions from procurement to delivery.
  • Collaborates directly with software and operations team members to coach and guide on the mechanics of lean and agile methods to achieve optimal team effectiveness.
  • Delivers hands-on coaching of individual teams in all aspects of Scrum and Kanban - daily meetings, planning, self-organization, collaboration, iterative development, managing flow, limiting WIP, etc. 

Minimum 10 years in Software Delivery, with 5 years as an Agile Coach
  • Practical Agile Development, Continuous Software Development, SAFe / ScrumImplementation and Coaching
  • Continuous Integration and/or Continuous Deployment practices, tools and techniques
  • Migrating a team from traditional waterfall delivery to Agile (Agile boot-up)
  • Visioning, Road-mapping, Release Planning, Iterative Planning/Continuous Planning (Scrum/Kanban events)
  • Demonstrable experience using the skills outlined below


Required skills: 
Facilitation – the art of conducting workshops, retrospectives, assessments, building relationships between multiple stakeholders and team members

  • Training – Ability to create and delivery training sessions
  • Techniques - Conflict management, Story mapping, Estimation, Prioritization, Retrospective
  • Team Level Agile Metrics
  • Agile Modeling – Domain modeling, State Diagrams, Activity Diagrams
  • Informed on TDD, ATDD, BDD, CICD, Modern Engineering Practices
  • Hands on coaching experience with Agile teams (Scrum and Kanban)