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Salesforce Developer
Ref No.: 19-09483
Location: Plano, Texas
Skill Set for SFDC Lightning Developer:
  • Expertise in Salesforce Lightning. Extensive experience developing Lightning Components - both within the Salesforce Lightning Design System and by writing custom Lightning Components in Java Script within the Aura framework.
  • Expertise in Apex. Extensive experience developing custom Apex Classes and Apex Triggers.
  • Expertise in Salesforce Query and Search Language (SoQL and SoSL). Must be able to speak to limitations of languages and differences between SoQL and SQL.
  • Experience developing Visualforce pages, Visualforce components and Customer Controllers.
  • Experience creating Custom Report Types and developing custom Reports and Dashboards.
  • Experience with interacting with external systems via Salesforce callouts.
  • Experience developing applications that interact with Salesforce via the SOAP or REST APIs.
  • Firm understanding of Salesforce Communities. Previously established and supported a Customer Community.
  • Firm understanding of Salesforce Governor Limits, limit monitoring, and best-practices for limit-informed development.
Additional Skillset:
  • Experience with Salesforce administration.
  • Provisioning users, password resets, account freezing/inactivating.
  • Developing Profile and Role hierarchies with Object and Field level security in mind.
  • Developing Permission Sets
  • Experience with declarative development in Salesforce.
  • Experience customizing Standard Objects and creating Custom Objects.
  • Experience customizing object page layouts and profile based layout assignment.
  • Experience creating Work and Approval Flows.
  • Experience with developing data models within Salesforce.
  • Can speak to the differences between Look-up and Master-Detail relationship.
  • Experience creating Junction Objects to maintain one-to-many relationships.
  • Experience creating and manipulating Salesforce data records via Data Loader.
Good to Have:
  • Telecommunication or other regulated service - industry experience.
  • Experience developing applications that interact with Salesforce via the SOAP or REST APIs; using Simple-Salesforce or Beatbox in particular.
  • Experience developing webpages and applications. Desired skills include: Java Script, JSP, CSS, HTML, and/or PHP.
  • Firm understanding of Object-Oriented coding standards, Design Patterns, and similar best practices.
Software development experience in Java, Python, or MS VBA or Visual Basic .NET.