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Java Developer
Ref No.: 19-02651
Location: Hoboken, New Jersey

Job Title: Java Developer
Location: Hoboken , NJ
Duration: Contract or Fulltime
Job Description:
· Java Full stack developer having 6+ years of Hands-on experience
· MongoDB experience of 3+ year.
· Extensively worked on Web Services.
· Developed multiple REST APIs
· CRUD operations, indexes
· Designing and customizing MongoDB applications
· Analyzing databases and advising on optimizing performance
· Carrying out installation and automation processes
· User and role management
· Experience of developing/administering MongoDB cluster
· Aggregation Pipelines and aggregation Framework
· Replica Set concepts, manage and maintain cluster
· Query optimization, performance fine-tuning, indexes
· Mongo shell, mongod, mongos, config servers
· Access patterns' impact, recommendations
· Profiling, balancer, chunk movement and custom settings
· Debugging and troubleshooting when issues arise
· Collaborating with other developers
Personal Skills:
· Strong oral and written communication skills
· Attention to details
· Integrity & Stretch Mindset
· Flexible and Teamwork mindset