Ref No.: 19-02538
Location: Mahwah, New Jersey
 Assisting customer in SQL Query/DML performance analysis and optimization.
2. Monitoring and tuning parameters (e.g., cache hits, sort work areas, etc.).
3. Implementing key DBMS performance and tuning actions while working with the application.
4. Reporting DBMS resource usage and parameter settings to appropriate customer personnel.
5. Employing database performance analysis to confirm physical database requirements to support UPS's business systems.
6. Providing technical advice and assistance to ADM personnel and customer retained DBA personnel in performing stress testing and operating system and database performance tuning.
7. Identifying and resolving DBMS resource contention.
8. Investigating and correcting, with customer as needed, DBMS backup, recovery, performance, and problem issues.
9. Performing reorganizations to optimize performance when required.
10. Conducting periodic performance reviews.
Monitoring DBMS replication of database objects.
3. Monitoring and managing all scheduled tasks.
4. Assisting customer in troubleshooting and resolution of problems related to application database objects.
5. Maintaining and operating automated monitoring tools to monitor database performance, and upgrading such tools as necessary.
6. Performing database shutdowns and restarts, as necessary.
7. Setting up and reviewing weekly cardinality exception reports to verify tables have proper statistics for access path selection (DB2/ZOS).
8. Setting up and utilizing Omegamon XE alerts to proactively monitor application performance (DB2/ZOS).
9. Utilizing online CA Detector collection facility to review plan, package and SQL performance (DB2/ZOS).
10. Utilizing CPM historical performance monitoring database for trending (DB2/Z/OS).
11. Setting up, maintaining and reviewing Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) and/or Statspack reports (Oracle) and SQL Server Profiler traces / PERFMON reports (SQL Server) to proactively monitor system performance.
12. Dashboard configuration and utilization of Foglight for monitoring and troubleshooting (SQL Server and DB2 LUW).
13. Utilizing Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to proactively monitor system performance.
14. Proactively develop skills to utilize additional monitoring and support tools as needed.
15. Familiarity with BMC and IBM DB2 ZOS utilities and tools.
Participating in determining physical database changes; the impact of ADM work; and implementing necessary changes to relevant databases, subject to UPS's review and approval.
2. Testing and implementing database environment changes, as approved by customer.
3. Supporting all UPS database requirements, operations and business changes.
4. Assisting customer DBA and ADM teams with implementing database security rules.
5. Creating and maintaining security for DBMS files, system and application table spaces.
6. Creating and maintaining application user IDs and roles.
7. Performing physical database management system ("DBMS”) database control functions to support systems existing as of the Effective Date, and any planned new systems development.
8. Developing, maintaining, complying with and enhancing all database standards.
9. Attending logical and physical design meetings for new application requirements.