Previous Job
SmartPlant Foundation
Ref No.: 17-00001
Location: Houston, Texas
Experience Level: 11 Years
Start Date: 01/12/2017

Job purpose
  • To lead a technical team working on Intergraph's SPI, SPPID and SPO in integrated environment
  • To coordinate and oversee all activities of SPI, SPPID and SPO for successful integration and publishing of data.

Duties and responsibilities

Candidate shall be responsible for below-
  • Lead SPO technical team involved in integrating SPI/SPPID with SPO and publishing documents and drawings from SPI/SPIPID to SPO
  • Coordinate and oversee all technical activities such as installation, integration, data loading, configuration of SPO
  • Guide SPI/SPPID specialists for technical specifications, data audit methodology, data alignment strategy to meet the quality and schedule requirements
  • Define and develop the processes, methodologies, and the testing and execution of the merging of multiple EPC databases together
  • Address and resolve issues in SPI/SPPID databases
  • Assist SPI/SPPID/SPO specialist in administrative activities such as installation of SPI, SPPID ,SPO, SPIOP
  • Integrate SPI, SPPID and other engineering tools with SPO
  • Register Plants in SPI /SPPID and other engineering tools with Plant in SPO
  • Publish documents from SPI /SPPID and other engineering tools to SPO
  • Load 3D models using SPIOP to SPO

Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Computer Science
  • 15 years of experience in Oil and gas field and having specialist knowledge of Intergraph's SPI, SPPID, SP3D, SPF/SPO and other engineering tools in integrated environment
  • At least two projects experience of integrating SPI, SPPID and other engineering tools with SPO and publishing drawings and documents from SPI/SPPID to SPO

Skills include:
  • Good knowledge of data flow from one engineering tool to another
  • Good knowledge of data structure of SPI, SPPID, SP3D,PDS, PDMS, SPF/SPO
  • Good knowledge of SmartPlant Schema , ToolMap Schema
  • Exposure to Engineering / EPC industry is highly desirable
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent leadership qualities