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SmartPlant Instrumentation Specialist
Ref No.: 16-00046
Location: Houston, Texas
Experience Level: 11 Years
Start Date / End Date: 11/07/2016 to 04/28/2017
Job purpose
  • To build and maintain Intergraph's SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) production environment
  • Perform SPI administrative and advanced user activities
  • Creating and updating Instrument Index, Spec Sheets, Loop Drawings, Hookup Drawings, Reports etc.
Candidate shall be responsible for below-
  • Perform administrative and advanced user tasks like SmartPlant Instrumentation installation, backup/restore, SPI database upgrades, SPI Domain Initialization
  • Perform all SPI tasks with strict adherence to the data security and the quality requirements
  • Provide in-depth technical understanding of data loading, auditing, merging, splitting and alignment on various SPI databases
  • Provide complete knowledge of SPI and assist functional lead in preparing technical execution plan, change management plan
  • Prepare technical specifications, data audit methodology and processes, data alignment strategy
  • Prepare necessary work processes, standards related to SPI data validation, data alignment, and loading activities
  • Setup technical quality parameters in relation to SPO data loading activities
  • Provide inputs on configuration requirements and proposing forward path for technical in-conformity observed
  • Customize Spec Sheets, Loop Drawing Templates, Hookup Templates, Symbols, Reports
  • Set up Browser views, Create UDFs, Users, grant access to Users
  • Import data into SPI databases from other structured data sources using SPI Import utility
  • Merge SPI databases using Merger utility
  • Register SPI Plants with SPF Plant and publishes various documents/drawings from SPI such as Instrument Index, Browser views, Reports, Spec Sheets, Process Data Sheets, Loop Drawings to SPO
  • Interface with SPF/SPO team and resolve SPI related issues pertaining to SPF/SPO integration and publishing

Experience & Background:

  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Computer Science
  • 10 years of experience in Oil & Gas and having specialist knowledge of Intergraph's SmartPlant instrumentation
  • 3 years of advanced-level activities in SmartPlant Instrumentation
  • Having good knowledge of SmartPlant P&ID, PDS and SmartPlant 3D will have added advantage
  • At least three SmartPlant Instrumentation project experience involving working knowledge of modules such as Index, Browser, Wiring, Spec Sheets, Loop Drawings, Process Data, Hook up
  • At least two SmartPlant Instrumentation project experience involving application of administrative and advanced user skills